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Dubai Creek

Dubai is one of the most unique cities that offers an everlasting experience of traditional and modern vibes together. It is true with Dubai Creek that it is a fusion of luxury amenities and top-class facilities with a touch of tradition. The saltwater creek that lies in the heart of this futuristic city is well defined as the Dubai Creek. It divides Bur Dubai and Deira and boasts dimensions of fun and entertainment. You can shop from traditional markets, visit museums and get a one-of-a-kind cruise experience. Besides that, you can also get a better outlook of this city and get a chance to look at the ancient cultural ethic of the city with Dubai Creek. This traditional dhow provides you day and night cruise service that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fine-dining experience at a floating restaurant with a glass roof at Bateaux Dubai. You can get a wide variety of international dishes and fresh seafood.

Overview of Dubai Creek

Location Dubai Creek, Dubai, UAE
Tour Duration 2-3 hours
Timing 24 hours


  • It is surrounded by old-style markets, heritage buildings, and museums on both sides.
  • A chance to know about the traditional life of the Emiratis.
  • Get a sight of old impressive architecture- traditional desert homes.
  • Get a great outlook on diverse marine life and migrating birds.

Recommended For

From children to adults, it is a unique experience for everyone. But a nature lover, historian, and anyone who wants to know the tradition of Dubai gets a great experience.

Ticket Price of Dubai Creek

Entry of Children is free at Dubai Creek. But for adults, the entry cost for Dubai creek is 5 Arab Emirates Dirham (approx.).

About Dubai Creek

Being located in the heart of the city, this creek segmented the city into major districts (Deira and Bur Dubai) that have played a significant role in the transformation of Dubai into a futuristic city. However, the Dubai water canal now enlarges to the Arabian Gulf. It has become a platform for traditional and commercial activities that you can enjoy. If you love the retro vibes and want to dig out the history with your curiosity, then Dubai Creek is one of the ideal choices for you.

Dubai Creek is a remarkable photographable location that offers a unique and different background for your inner photographer. You can explore Dubai Creek with an abra or a water taxi. At the time of night, you will enhance your cruising experience as delicious meals and witnessing the sparkling city is just something else. The ending point of Dubai Creek is Ras al Khor Bird Sanctuary that is spread across a land of 620 hectares. Where you can fill your diaries of memories and enjoy the wetlands, pools, mudflats, and lagoons.

Interesting Facts about Dubai Creek

  • The complete area of Dubai Creek is just reminiscent of the Arabian World.
  • Over ten thousands of visitors mark their presence daily.
  • Historically, Dubai Creek did not have any circulation, and water just moved in from the sea and ended abruptly at the Ras Al Khor sanctuary.
  • The Greeks used to call Dubai Creek as River Zara.
  • At the time when Dubai had no airport, seaplanes used to land on Dubai Creek.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Creek

Q: What is Dubai Creek in Dubai?

Ans: It is a saltwater inlet in the United Arab of Emirates that divides Bur Dubai and Deira. It features traditional markets, souks, natural seawater as well as sky-touching buildings. You can get yourself entertained with different modes.

Q: Is Dubai Creek a human-made wonder of Dubai?

Ans: Dubai Creek is a man-made waterway that was extended in 1955 for transport and trade operations.

Q: What is the timing of Dubai Creek?

Ans: You will not face any restriction to visit Dubai Creek. You can use a motorized Abras ride for 24 hours from Sabkha Abra Station. But Deira Old Souk Abra Station functions from 5:00 AM to midnight.

Q: Can I book my ticket in advance with online mode for Dubai Creek?

Ans: No! The facility of online pre-booking for Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek is not available. But you can book your ticket through many tour organizers. There is no need for pre-booking for Abra Safari.