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Best Time to Visit Dubai

If the volley of thoughts hit you hard regarding the best time to visit Dubai, fret not as we hold the complete answers to your questions regarding it. Undoubtedly, the ideal time for enjoying a vacation is essential to get a wholesome traveling experience.

Between November to April is the perfect time to visit Dubai as the winter season is pleasurable for each kind of vacation. During this season, this glamourous city experiences pleasant weather, and allows you to dive into outdoor activities more comfortably. From adventurous activities to a sightseeing tour, you can get a dose of overall entertainment during the winter season.

One more reason to plan your Dubai tour in winter is The Dubai Shopping Festival that is celebrated between January and February. But, the weather conditions play an integral part in your vacation planning, whether you want to indulge in fun-filled activities or enjoy sightseeing. Here, we give you complete information about the weather like peak season, off season, and shoulder season of Dubai.

Check out the detailed information about the weather conditions of Dubai monthly wise. So, you can plan your vacation as per your traveling preferences.

Overview of Dubai Season

Off Season:
JUN-AUG : 33°c - 43°c
Shoulder Season:
April-May 25°C-38°C and September-October 26-38°C
Peak Season:
NOV-MAR : 17°c - 30°c
Travel Season Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Weather Condition
June to August 33°C 42°C Summer - Hot
September to October 25°C 38°C Months of Transition
November to March 17°C 30°C Winter - Pleasant, with a chances of rain
April to May 26°C 38°C Months of Transition

By looking at the weather conditions according to the different seasons throughout the year. We came to know that Dubai has summer and winter seasons. But with short periods of transition months.

Dubai in Summer (June – August)

Temperature: The air temperature range in the summer season of Dubai remains between 33°C and 42°C.

Weather: Weather conditions during summer in Dubai are hot and experience waves of shimmering heat flood one by one for 12 hours of the day. The humidity and heat keep on escalating in the summer season, and the temperature touches the scale of 40 and sometimes goes further to 50-degree Celsius. Dubai witnesses the sandstorm that whips its way and enters the city, which makes sightseeing difficult.

Significance: By looking at such a combination of weather conditions and temperature, Most of the outdoor activities and festivals are restricted in Dubai. But, it does not mean that the entire city shuts down for fun during the summer season in Dubai. The summer season brings The Dubai Summer Surprises Festival for tourists that are spread over 10 weeks. You can enjoy the fun with so many dimensions as themes assigned across the week. At this festival, you can celebrate food, art, and nature with full zeal.

Why Should You Visit Now:  Even though Dubai faces the Sun heat directly in these months from June to August. But accommodations and attractions of Dubai are fully air-conditioned and chilly from inside. Many places offer indoor activities that you can enjoy comfortably with your close ones. Apart from that, you will get great deals on accommodations as well as on food.

What to Know Before the Visit: During the daytime in summer in Dubai, you may feel the heat that spreads everywhere. But the vibrant nightlife of Dubai remains as charming as ever.

Enjoy shopping in the grand mall that offers great cooling to your senses and allows you to enjoy the summer vacation full of joy and entertainment. It is better to indulge in indoor activities, and there is no dearth of indoor activities in Dubai. You should not plan any outdoor activities unless it is vital.

Tips: Keeping yourself hydrated is the foremost tip because hydration is essential during this season. It is advised to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day in Dubai during summer. It is better if you take light meals because feeling full could be uncomfortable during the heat of Dubai. Dress lightly and avoid black colors as you know the scientific reason, the black color absorbs the heat. Carrying antiperspirant with you is a plus point for you. Above all, it is better to check the weather condition before planning your visit.

Dubai in April-May / September-October (Transition Months)

Temperature: During the transition months, the air temperature swings between 25°C-38°C (April-May) and 26-38°C (September-October).

Weather: April is the month that is pleasant as the winter just passed by touching it. May welcomes the summer season along with sunlight and temperature that spike as high as 37°C. Between these months, the sky is clear without having any clouds. But the sun marks its presence in the sky for almost 11 hours during the day.

September is the time when Dubai says bye to the heat and welcome starting with shorter winter days. However, the average temperature is still inlined on the higher side. The evening becomes more pleasant in Dubai in September as the significant drop in temperature gives bliss. October opens a gate for winter in Dubai and drops the temperature by another 5 degrees.


April is the ideal time to awaken your foodie as you will get a chance to enjoy the Dubai Food Festival, an annual festival for all the foodie. With fantastic cooking demos, celebrity chefs, delicious foods, and discounts at restaurants make your vacation delightful.  

April is the month that allows you to indulge in outdoor activities from sky-diving to Desert Safari, you can opt for any fun-filled activities during this month. No wonder, It is an ideal month for planning a vacation in Dubai.

September comes up with the best vibes for music and dance lovers in with a 5-day musical festival and Dubai International Dance festival. The music festival takes place in mid-September, and pop, rock, urban, Latin, and Arabian artists concert. The camel racing starts in October and people from Qatar and Saudi Arabia compete in this festival.

Why Should You Visit Now:In these transition months, everything is in moderation. It is not too hot to explore the city and the temperature of the sea is perfect to take a cooling dip and indulge in water sports. The accommodation rates are down and you will get good discounts during these transition months. The suitable weather, water activities, and discounts and offer all are signals to enjoy a vacation in Dubai.

What to know before the visit: In April and May, you need to be careful before choosing your outdoor activities. Even though it is not as hot as summer, you should not take any risk and blindly jump into any outdoor activities. Try to enjoy the indoor activities to keep aside the risk of heatstroke. You should try to indulge in indoor activities, which are also fascinating and will never disappoint you in any sense.

Tips: When it comes to enjoying the Dubai vacation in the transition months like April and May, you need to keep something in your bag and your head. It is essential to carry sunblock, loose cotton clothes in your bag while touring Dubai in these months. Always keep in mind that you need to stay hydrated. You can take dips in the sea and stay indoors where it's cooler.

We can't deny the fact that Dubai has fun vibes throughout the year. Dubai is well capable of handling the heat and giving you a soothing experience. This city offers numerous indoor attractions which are air-conditioned. But you need to pay attention to some points that we have mentioned above for the summer seasons. You can pick any date for Dubai vacation, but the best experience is in the winter season that we will discuss now.

Dubai in Winter (November-March)

Temperature: The air temperature swings between 17°C and 30°C in the Winter season in Dubai. It is pleasant and suitable for indulging in all kinds of activities.

Weather– This is a cooler season of the year that welcomes the relief to Dubai. When it comes to November the temperature drops to a comfortable 25° C. During November and December, the temperature drops to around 18° C. But the evening becomes chilly. The sun gives its sight in January, but the humidity remains low and Temperature can drop around 15°C. February is the month when the heat starts scrolling to Dubai, but the month continues the pleasant streak in Dubai. It is the season where you can see mild rainfall and the occasional thunderstorm for around 3-4 days. But there is nothing to hamper your plans and movement. Undoubtedly, Winter is the season that offers the best climate to visit in Dubai.

Significance: Dubai is all set to give you loads of events and festivals this season. The month of November gives Dubai Design Week, a festival that is dedicated to creativity in the city.

The 2nd of December is a day of celebration and remembrance for Dubai city, and it is known as the national day. It is one of the biggest celebrations in Dubai and the rest of the country.

In December, the city is flooded with celebrities because the Dubai International Film Festival is celebrated here. You can witness the Dubai Rugby Season, in which 16 international Rugby teams compete. New Year Celebration in Dubai is one of the top experiences that you can enjoy in this city. Glittering Burj Khalifa, and lighting all over with its vibrant nightlife, everything seems perfect and simply magical. The winter season is one of the best chances for shopaholics as the Grand Dubai Shopping Festival seizes a place between December and January. It is a dream kind experience for shoppers, and heavy discounts with unimaginable prices, including unique sales items with a diverse range of brands attract 2 million tourists to Dubai.

Dubai never stops to give you a surprise in the winter month. In January, you can witness the Marathon and Dubai Golf Tournament that welcome the finest athletes to this glimmering city. February and March continue the vibe of sports with Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships. For this championship, top tennis players arrive in this city during this season.

It is not finished here, and you can see many other fascinating events in Dubai like the World Cup in horse racing, the Jazz festival, the International Boat Show, and Art Shows.

Why Should You Visit now:

The combination of pleasant weather and events already answers this question. It is the season where you can fully enjoy being outdoors in the city. You can explore the iconic landmarks, dive into outdoor and indoor fun-filled activities. Strolling in the market and discovering the attractions with cool weather is an ecstasy for your heart.

Things to know before the visit:

The best thing to do in Dubai is to be a part of The Dubai Shopping Festival. You can get every kind of brand at these events. You can fill your bag with unique souvenirs and your heart with the best memories. Before planning your vacation in Dubai, make sure to save some extra money as you will not be able to resist yourself shopping.


During the winter, there are some essential things that you should keep in your mind before heading towards Dubai. This season is peak and welcomes tourists from all over the world.

It is better to book your hotel and restaurants in advance to keep yourself from the last moment hassle. Apart from that, you need to carry long-sleeved shorts and a jacket as the evening gets chilly. Do not forget the strong sunblock before going outside in the months of January and February.

We have covered each thing that you may ask regarding the best time to plan your Dubai vacation.