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Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach is a widespread white sandy beach that is settled on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the Jumeirah district. This beach is an ideal destination where you can relax, eat, enjoy the setting sun, and delve into the fun-filled activity. There are many restaurants and shopping malls on the sea coast that offer you a delightful experience of your life. You can enjoy the feel of the beachy vibes, and indulge in water-based exhilarating activities and sports. There are many magnificent hotels and resorts close to its frontal area that offer a spectacular view. It is a complete enjoyment site in Dubai where you can weave lifelong memories with your close ones. A visit to Jumeirah Beach gives you a visual treat of picturesque scenery of crystal blue water and white sand. The diversity of attractions offer you many dimensions to keep yourself rejuvenated. Whether you want to relax, shop, enjoy food, or want a picnic time with your family, Jumeirah Beach is an ideal hotspot in Dubai for all.

Overview of Jumeirah Beach

Location Near Bu Qtair, Four Seasons Jumeirah Resort, Jumeirah district

Monday to Wednesday-7:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Thursday to Friday-       7:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday-     7:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry Fee There is no Entry Fee


  • Thrilling activities parasailing and boat tours.
  • Plenty of luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, and malls.
  • Several spas offer brilliant massages with several therapies.
  • Witness the grand Burj Al Arab
  • Fun-filled activities like jet skiing, jogging, surfing, swimming, and cycling

Recommended For:

There is no shortage of activities at Jumeirah Beach. From children to adults, it is an entertainment zone for everyone.

About Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach is one of the finest attractions in Dubai to weave cherishable memories with your family and friends. It is an endless hive of recreational activities and relaxation zones, along with a spectacular view that respites you from the stress. You will get a playground, barbecue, picnic areas, and many more with just one visit to this beach. This beach is lined with a luxury hotel, clubs, malls, and numerous recreation points. The world-famous Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Water Park, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel are along this beach.

Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the most beautiful attractions of Jumeirah Beach, where you can refresh your mind and body by playing volleyball. But, it charges a reasonable entry fee. This exotic beach has a 1.8 KM running track where you can enjoy running. The ways to add words like luxury, entertainment, fun, thrill, and peace are endless with this exotic beach of Dubai.

You can enrich your holiday experience in Dubai by visiting this beach, and not a single moment will disappoint. Whether you want to enjoy the downtime of the sun, add luxuriousness to your vacation, or try fun-filled beach activities, Jumeirah Beach is the perfect retreat. Each side has something gripping and interactive that keeps you entertained. You do not need to pay any entry fee for Jumeirah Beach.

Interesting Facts about Jumeirah Beach

  • It is home to world-renowned attractions.
  • This beach is more than 7 KM stretching along the Arabian Gulf's pristine waters.
  • You can taste international cuisines across, which are prepared by award-winning chefs.

Frequent Questions And Answers About Jumeirah Beach

Q: Are there any charges to enter Jumeirah Beach?

Ans: No! It is one of the most famous public beaches in Dubai that does not charge any fee. The beach is open for all visitors of all ages, but the Jumeirah Park Charges nominally.

Q: How to reach Jumeirah Beach from Dubai Airport?

Ans: The distance between Dubai International Airport and Jumeirah Beach is around 20 KM. You can take a taxi from the airport to reach the beach.

Q: What is the ideal time to visit Jumeirah Beach in a day?

Ans: Whether you want relaxation or to indulge in water activities, after 5:00 PM is the best time to plan a visit to this beach. If you are ok with the sun and want to enjoy a sunbath, you can visit there in the morning.

Q: Are lockers and toilets available at the beach?

Ans: There is no locker facility there for guests. This facility may be added in the upcoming time there. There are toilet facilities and more toilets are being built there.