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Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is one of Dubai's most gripping, innovative, and iconic tourist attractions. This majestic wonder of the Middle East offers thrilling experiences to make an unbreakable bond with entertainment. Ski Dubai snow park is located in the famous Mall of The Emirates with an area of 22,500 sq m. This indoor park in Dubai provides a thrilling experience that will uplift your mood with zero below temperature.

To experience skiing in Dubai, you will get five tracks. Whether you are a beginner in skiing or experienced, this place perfectly suits you. If you are new to skiing, you can hire professionals to learn some skills. Apart from skiing, you can enjoy sledding, tobogganing, and mountain climbing. It's no wonder Ski World Dubai is home to fun, thrill, and entertainment that suits everyone. You can make a snowman with your kids, get your adrenaline pumping with a race with a snow bullet ride, zip lines, or the mountain thriller ride. But the penguin encounter is one of the most fascinating things to enjoy in this Dubai ski park. Numerous cafes offer delicious multinational foods.

Overview of Ski Dubai

Location Mall of the Emirates
Address Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al BarshaAl Barsha 1, Dubai

Sunday - Wednesday   - 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
 Thursday                         - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Friday- Saturday             -  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Height 85 m
Temperature -4°C
Area 22,500 sq.m 


  • It is UAE's first and largest indoor park, with various options to explore and enjoy.
  • You can learn snowboarding and skiing from professional experts.
  • An exciting show of Penguins-March of the Penguins.
  • Beginner and advanced level of slopes.
  • Interact with penguins and play with them.
  • Enjoy thrilling snow activities.
  • Awe-striking Indoor ice cave to explore.

Skiing Dubai Ticket Prices

Skiing Dubai Ticket Prices

You can enjoy the non-stop activities in Ski Dubai to enrich your experience and uplift your mood with different packages. There are many different zones and activities that you can enjoy with your family, but children below three years are not allowed. The price of a Ski Dubai ticket depends on your chosen activities. Check out the detailed information regarding Ski Dubai ticket price.

Slopes Snow Parks Penguin Encounter
Two-hour Slope Pass (AED 210) Snow Park Basic (AED 190) Peng-Friend Encounter (AED 230)
Full-Day Slope Pass (AED 310) Snow Classic (AED  256) Snow Plus – Penguin Encounter (AED 520)
SkiFly Slope (AED 305) Ski-Fly Snow Classic (AED 305) Ultimate Peng-Friend (AED 890)
Snow Plus Slope (AED 340) Snow Plus (AED 340) Swimming with the Penguins (AED 1,390)
Snow Premium Slope (AED 490) Snow Premium (AED 490) Snow Plus (AED 340)

Recommended For

Above 2 years children and adults of all ages. Beginner skiers as well as professional skiers.

About Ski Dubai At the Top

It comes in third place in the list of world's biggest indoor ski resorts. Taking a chilly tour with Ski Dubai is one of the most adventurous things to do in this City of Gold. The height of its mountain top is equivalent to 25-stories buildings (85 m). Different kinds of zones keep you entertained from start to end of your tour. You can enjoy the show of penguins and taste some delicious foods from cafes.


Ski Dubai offers 5 slopes with different levels of difficulty. Whether you are a novice or pro in the skiing game, the slopes of Ski Dubai will never miss a chance to amaze you. Learn skiing from qualified instructors with one-on one-session. Ski Dubai allows you to uplift your game of skiing with a secure and fun environment.

Snow Park

The Snow Park zone of Ski Dubai offers something for everyone as it has diverse dimensions that befit children as well as adults. This snow park allows you to indulge in a snow fight with your family. You and your kids can show the art by building snowmen. Give yourself a shot of thrill by exploring the ice caves, enjoying the snow zorbing, taking a ride on a mountain thriller ride, and climbing towers. The endless opportunities for fun experiences are waiting for you in the Snow Park.


The connection between snow sports and snowboarding is unbreakable, and it is true with Ski Dubai. This snow world of Dubai has the longest 400 m run to enjoy surfing and comes up with a freestyle zone. The rails and jumps change on a regular basis to give you a touch of new thrill every time.

Ski School

Ski School in Ski Dubai provides group or private lessons on learning snowboarding. You can learn this sport from scratch or polish your skill for an insightful experience. The team of professional experts will guide you and teach you how to hit the slopes for exclusive snowboarding fun.

Snow Bullet

It is another big reason to visit Ski Dubai and a striking new addition that is one of its kind. Snow Bullet is one of the best indoor adrenaline-pumping activities that will give you a chance to witness the surroundings from different angles. With a 16m high above the snow ground and flying down 150 m is something that excites you in each fraction of a second.


Ski Dubai is home to King Penguins and Gentoo that put up an incredible march in the penguin's show. No doubt! penguins are the centre of attraction in Ski Dubai and you can swim with them every wednesday. A personal interaction and underwater viewing with upto 14 penguins is something that will uplift your mood.

Interesting Facts about Ski Dubai

  • The temperature of Ski Dubai always remains -4 degree
  • Snow of Ski Dubai is fresh and real
  • It uses less energy compared to 120 hotel rooms because of its structure and snow recycled process.
  • The freestyle zone allows skiers to enjoy the practice and perform some stunts.
  • The snow base of Ski Dubai is 6,000 tons.

FAQS About Ski Dubai

Q: Can we click the pictures in Ski Dubai?

Ans: No! You are not allowed to click photographs inside Ski Dubai. But you can hire professional photographers inside the resort who will click your pictures and hand them over to you later.

Q: Is there any cafe inside Ski Dubai?

Ans: Yes! Several cafes are available that will give you a refreshing break from adventurous activities. You can enjoy the lip-smacking cuisine whilst witnessing the fresh and cool aura around you. North 28 Cafe, Ice Cafe, and Avalancha Cafe are some of the best cafes in Ski Dubai.

Q: Is the locker facility available in Ski Dubai?

Ans: The locker facility is available in Ski Dubai to keep your valuable things and enjoy the fun without any worries.

Q: Is the snow of Ski Dubai real or artificial?

Ans: Ski Dubai has tremendous technology to make new snow daily. Visitors can get the fresh and authentic atmosphere of their surroundings.