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Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual month event that connects attractions, adventure, multi-cuisine foods, and a beautiful cultural blend with the gratifying shopping experience. It gives you the best shopping experience and allows you to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere. During this festival, the entire city rejoices in the season of incredible deals, raffles, live shows, and family-friendly activities all around. At night, the sky becomes more dazzling because of fireworks in the air. You can explore the city with the best view as the carnival atmosphere sweeps over the entire city during this festival, and live shows and events keep the magic of this festival flowing.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an impressive and big reason that attracts people to visit Dubai. With around 70 malls, over 1500 brands, vibrant traditional markets, and a touch of exceptional discounts, the season of shopping in Dubai is an extravaganza in so many ways. Dubai is cheered up as the ultimate shopping destination, but this festival is all set to send you into a dreamy world of shopping. You will get jaw-dropping offers from traditional souks of Dubai and marketplaces during this festival.

This festival has more to offer than shopping for making your experience more remarkable. So carry the empty suitcase for this festival and brace yourself for more excitement. Dubai Shopping festival 2024 is starting on 13th December 2024 and lasts till 19th January 2025.

About Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is a month-long event that takes place between December to January. It is held all over Dubai and attracts tourists from all over the world. The motto of the Dubai Shopping Festival is One World, One Family, One Festival, and it began on February 16, 1996, in Dubai. It was constructed with the intent to increase the retail trade industry. But later on, it became more than that and now it is counted as one of the best attractions of the city.

The festival hosts numerous events every year with a unique theme to keep you entertained. Some of the major highlights of Dubai Shopping festivals are stage shows, brand promotions, art installations, live concerts, and fireworks shows. You will get chances to win mega prizes that keep you energetic throughout the visit. The malls of Dubai do a fantastic arrangement of kid-friendly activities, workshops for different age groups, and exhibitions for your entertainment.

This long-month shopping festival presentation of Dubai is much more than a festival. It is a blend of surprises, entertainment, and unforgettable shopping experiences that uplift your mood in every sense.

Must-Visit Places to Buy at Dubai Shopping Festival

The best part about the Dubai Shopping festival is that you can feel it at every corner in Dubai. It is not just limited to big malls and supermarket places. From the luxury malls to traditional markets, you can go to any place to drench in the shopping vibe. We have compiled a list of must-visit places to shop for the Dubai Shopping Festival for a better experience.

The Dubai Mall: It is the largest mall in the world, and is located right beside the iconic Burj Khalifa. From world-class stores to family-friendly attractions, you can enjoy every fleet moment that you will spend here.

Ibn Battuta Mall: Making a list of malls of Dubai without Ibn Battuta Mall is next to impossible. It is one of the unique shopping destinations in Dubai that is built around the travels of Ibn Battuta. In this themed mall, you will find many stores and a diversity of items with great dining options.

Outlet Mall: Get ready to grab the unbelievable discount at Outlet Mall. You can find heavy discounts on items that can touch up to 90%. This mall is home to 240 stores that give you a budget-friendly shopping experience.

Souks: This city is dotted with souks and traditional markets, which are buzzworthy for giving the essence of shopping. You can explore the souks and traditional markets in Dubai to enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the same time. Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Perfume Souk, and Old Souk are some of the famous souks.

Deira City Centre: Deira City Centre Mall is a great shopping destination in Deira that has loads of great local companies. You can explore the mall and collect unique items.

Burjuman: Let your imagination be free here because Burjuman has every kind of store including the only Saks Fifth Avenue Centre of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Festival City: Visit Dubai Festival City to witness a striking creekside setting, a great view of Dubai Skyline, and a fountain show. You can find many dimensions here to shop and also find your favorites IKEA, Ferrari, and Aldo.

Best Things to Buy at Dubai Shopping Festival

The festival turns Dubai into heaven for shopping lovers with so many elements, and none of them disappoint anyone. From watching shows to participating in any fun-filled activities, everything gives the next level of celebration. Every item has a great discount that you can't stop yourself from adding your favorite thing to your cart. With more than 1500 brands and quality products, Dubai offers everything that comes to your mind. You can save more money and earn cashback while using Debit and credit cards for shopping during the festival. For better deals, you can head to the traditional souks of Dubai.

Gold and Jewellery: Dubai is hailed as the City of Gold in the world, and what could be a better place than this to buy gold and their jewelry. You can buy pure gold, platinum, diamond, and precious gems, and beautifully designed jewelry, without giving stress to your pocket.

Cosmetics: You will find many reputed cosmetic stores all around the city, and this festival is an opportunity to enrich your collection with your favorite brand at a heavy discount.

Accessories: Premium accessories on sale will glitter your eyes during this Dubai festival season. You can find bags, watches, and many more other accessories to be your fashion icon in your way with an easy-going budget.

Home Decor: Dubai is one of the popular places to shop for quality carpets. Be ready to give your home a luxurious touch by getting magnificent deals on furniture, furnishings, and appliances. Several renowned brands offer heavy discounts on such items.

Electronic Gadgets: Dubai Festival is a perfect season to unleash your inner techie and satiate your craving for gadgets. All your favorite brands come under discounts and are available at incredibly low prices. Fill your cart with the desire that you dreamt of for a long time.

Clothes: This festival brings extraordinary deals on designer and boutique clothing. You can update your wardrobe collection by grabbing amazing deals on Apparel in Dubai.

Exotic Goods: In the glittering vibes of malls and supermarkets, do not forget to buy local specialty items from traditional markets. You can buy spices, nuts, clothes, and Arabic Coffee at the lowest cost. Beyond that, you can take some souvenirs back to your home from this market.

Interesting Facts about Dubai Shopping Festival

  • The Dubai Shopping Festival is started as an event in 1966
  • This festival offers raffles to visitors on gold, cars, and other items.
  • You can enjoy tax-free shopping as Dubai is a tax-free city.
  • Get a chance to win big amounts, expensive gifts, and luxury cars during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

FAQS About Dubai Shopping Festivals

Q: What is the location of the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Ans: It is one of the most attractive festivals of Dubai that is conducted all over the city. You can celebrate the shopping vibe, indulge in activities, and feel the unique atmosphere all around the city.

Q: Is shopping in Dubai more affordable than in India?

Ans: Yes! It is true that because Dubai is a tax-free city and at the time of the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can get unbelievable discounts on branded products.

Q: What is the duration of the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Ans: This festival is a one-month festival that is conducted between December to January.

Q: What can I do at the Dubai Shopping Festival besides shopping?

Ans: This month-long event offers countless things to do apart from shopping. You can enjoy live shows, music concerts, fireworks and indulge in lots of activities.