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Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the unique attractions of Dubai that never disappoint any age group. Being one of the largest natural flower gardens, it is home to a variety of different flowers, endless attractions, and entertainment zones that will uplift your mood. You can also add a layer of vibrant experiences by visiting Dubai Butterfly Garden. It is located next to this garden and is spread over 6,673 sq m. With Butterfly Garden, you will have the opportunity to learn about the process of butterfly evolution and keep yourself entertained in a comfortable atmosphere. It has 10 climate-controlled domes and indoor-outdoor plants that make your sightseeing pleasing.It is home to 15,000 butterflies of more than 50 species that keeps you entertained.

In Dubai Miracle Garden, You will find coffee shops, candy shops, and fresh fruit juice stalls, and restaurants. It has every element that makes it one of the best family-friendly destinations in Dubai. You can witness breathtaking visuals and collect mind-blowing experiences with your family and friends. Flowers Parade brings live shows and street dancer performances will drench you in entertainment. Apart from that, you can shop for souvenirs in this garden.  Disney Avenue, Emirates A380, SunFlower Field, Lake Park, and Umbrella Tunnel are attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden. It is operational only in the winter months from November to mid-May.

Overview of Dubai Miracle Garden

Location Dubai Land
Address Al Barsha South 3, United Arab Emirates
Timing 72,000 sq m
Number of Animals Sun to Thu  9:00 AM to 9: 00 PM (weekdays)
Fri to Sat 9:00 AM to 9: 00 PM (weekend)
Opened 14th February in 2013


  • Creatively constructed 3D designs of natural flowers.
  • Colorful performances of street performers.
  • Interactive games and exciting activities of Kids Play Zone.
  • Zumba session for indulging yourself in the fun.
  • Souvenirs shops that bring a delightful experience.
  • Photo Booth that allows you to unleash your inside photographer.

Ticket Price for Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a blissful experience in itself. It entices everyone, whether it is children or adults as this garden is dotted with several kinds of attractions. There is something for everyone that keeps them entertained throughout the visit. The ticket price for the Dubai Miracle Garden depends on the age of visitors.

Age of Visitors Ticket Price
Between 2 years and 12 years 40 AED, 80 INR
12 years and above 50 AED, 1001, INR
Below 2 years old No fee

Recommended For

From kids of all ages to adults, everyone can enjoy this natural flower garden.

About Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden spreads magic of colours that you can easily see with your eyes. From its interactive 3D designs to numerous attractions for kids and adults, You will see the extraordinary beauty all around you. The gates of Dubai Miracle Garden open to tourists for each winter season and never disappoint people of any age. This garden is a mix of attractions and experiences that is a delight to explore during your Dubai tour. Entertainment hits your senses in this garden with many dimensions and leaves its mark on your memories forever. You can also enhance your dining experience as coffee shops, candy stores and restaurants are beautifully designed to add delightfulness to your tour.

Garden with garden sounds really interesting and unique, and when you are in Dubai fascinating, unique, and exceptional are just normal words for you. It is true with the Dubai Butterfly Garden that is the highlight of Dubai Miracle Garden. Let's discuss each aspect and elements of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden

Emirates A380: It is one of the best attractions of this garden that is unique and has a large double-decker design. It is also the most loved jumbo jet in the world. This structure is covered with around 500,000 flowers and plants. Emirates A380 is the biggest structure ever built in this park and also holds a Guinness World Record of the world's largest structures.

Floating Lady: It is a new attraction of Dubai Miracle Garden that is shaped like a floating lade, which lies in the air with arms outstretched and her hairs tangle the land. The dress of this lady touched the ground and was made up of red and white petunias flow. No wonder it is surely bliss to witness such beauty.

Disney Avenue: Witness the amazing floral design of your childhood characters like Mickey, Goofy. The structure of Mickey Mouse is the highlight of this garden, which has a height of 18 m and won the award for World's Largest Topiary Structure – in 2018.

Lake Park: Water and flower is a better love story that you can see throughout Lake Park. It is a place that entices you to click on your mobile camera and click some pictures that you can store in your heart.

Food in Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is home to more than 30 food and outlets vendors that give your taste buds a feast that will blow your mind. These outlets include fresh juice kiosks, cafes and bars, and restaurants. The tempting food items make your visit perfect as you can taste different foods in one place.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

It is situated right next to Dubai Miracle Garden, and a prominent place that you need to explore. The Butterfly Garden has 10 custom domes that are built-in 6,673 sq. m. This garden is home to around 15,000 butterflies of around 50 varieties.

Interesting Facts about Dubai Miracle Garden

  • It was launched on valentine's day and spread the message of love and harmony.
  • It would take around 2-3 hours to completely view Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • Every year this garden goes for a seasonal renovation of the theme.
  • This garden has maximum numbers of Petunia flowers.
  • It is one of those gardens that has the maximum number of flower themes in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Miracle Garden

Q: Can I carry the outside food in the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Ans: No! Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the Dubai Miracle Garden. You can get the best dining experience as there are several restaurants and cafes in the garden.

Q: Is photography allowed in the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Ans: You can click the pictures on your mobile phone. But carrying a professional camera inside the park is not allowed.

Q: How much time is required to explore the attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Ans: It would take around 3 hours to explore the attractions of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Q: Is Dubai Butterfly Garden different from Dubai Miracle Garden?

Ans: Yes! Dubai Butterfly Garden is situated next to the Dubai Miracle Garden. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is open all year round, and it is the largest covered butterfly garden.