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Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a natural habitat within an urban setting for around 3000 animals, providing a seamless wildlife experience. It is a community of mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, and birds, and you can also spot here the world's largest land mammals-African elephants. Dubai Animal Safari Park is located in the middle of the desert in Al Warqa and is spread over 119 hectares. You will learn about wildlife through various protection programs in this park. To enhance your experience, you can indulge in numerous interactive activities like feeding magnificent animals with your hands. This park has beautiful lakes and verdant landscapes that amaze you throughout your visit. You will witness different topography and meet your favorite animals in this park. Being home to wildlife sanctuaries, adventurous zones, flora, live shows, and kid-friendly attractions, it is the finest family-friendly attraction in Dubai.
Dubai Safari Park is divided into several zones with a geographical theme. You can explore all of them by taking Dubai Safari Park tours. Each theme gives you a unique experience that will stay in your heart forever. When it comes to experience in Dubai Safari Park, live bird shows are one of the best things you can enjoy. Apart from that, you can delve into the beauty of this park by indulging yourself in activities like bird feeding, elephant feeding, and safari journeys.

Overview of Dubai Safari Park

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Address Al Warqa 5 Hatta Road, Dubai, United Arm Emirates
Area 12.8 million Square feet
No. of Animals 3000
Previous Name Dubai Zoo


  • Explore different zones and discover the ecosystem.
  • Two theatres for animal shows to get insightful wildlife experience.
  • Dedicated area for kids’ fun to learn more about animals.
  • Home to majestic animals like lions, elephants, crocodiles, and giraffes.
  • Elephant and camel riding in the park.
  • Experience World’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit.
  • Opportunity to feed giraffes and elephants and watch animals and birds show to know about them.

Ticket Price of Dubai Safari Park

Ticket price of Dubai Safari Park

There are plenty of admission ticket options to access Dubai Safari Park. You can choose any of them for wholesome experiences in this wildlife world. With Dubai Safari Park entrance tickets, you can get direct entry to the different zones and watch live birds show. If you want to explore the zones along with safari, Safari Packages are also available. To be free from last-moment disappointment, you can book your Safari Journey Plus Packages with a reserved seat for live shows. You can drive through zones with eco-friendly solar-powered vehicles. Special activities and learning for kids and thrill for adults make this park a fun land for the entire family. The price of a Dubai Safari Park ticket depends on the ticket pass you choose. The entry fee is nil for children below 3 years old and for POD (along with 2 companions). So check out the ticket details, book your ticket to Dubai Safari Park, and go on an adventure with wildlife.
Type Of Ticket Price of Ticket for Child (3 to 12 years Old) Price of Ticket for Adult
Park Entrance AED 20 AED 50
Park Entrance Plus AED 45 AED 75
Safari Journey Package AED 30 AED 85
Safari Journey Package Plus AED 55 AED 110

About Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a project of AED 150 million that is spread in 119 hectares and has around 3000 animals. This park is divided into several zones, and each has a different shade of wildlife, attractions, and geographical theme. Arabian Desert Safari, African Village, Asian Village, and Al Wadi are zones of this park. Apart from this, there is a Kids Zone that gives a better outlook on farm animals.

An exclusive village called Explorer Village, where you can enjoy a safari journey in the eco--friendly car. You can explore this park within 6-8 hours that gives you a completely different experience through its setting and advancement. To beat the heat, this park has modern interactive methods that give a unique experience for visitors. Features like chilled pools, misting machines, and air-conditioned rocks help in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere around you.

Exploring Dubai Safari Park is an impressive wildlife experience that will introduce you with exciting thrill, family-fun, and new learning. Set your foot on this park and feel the magical environment and impressive wildlife around you.

Arabian Desert Safari

This zone is a drive-through attraction of Dubai Safari Park. Here you can see symbolic species of the Arabian peninsula. If you want to feel the historic nomadic desert of the Arabian peninsula in an adventurous mode, Arabian Desert Safari would be your next move. This short journey allows you to see the Arabian oryx in all its glory with Arabian Desert Safari. You can also spot gazelles and camels, but Arabian Wolf is the real hero of this attraction.

Native Animals: Arabian Oryx, Addax, Sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle, Scimitar-horned Oryx, Arabian gazelle.

Asian Village: Witness the exciting wildlife of popular native species from the Asian continent with an Asian Village in Dubai Safari Park. From intrepid forests to pristine ponds, this zone is brimful with a huge variety of animals. With this zone, you can spot tigers and gibbons, but Moon Bear is the highlight of this Asian Village, which is also known as Asiatic Black Bear. Do not forget to mix learning fun to your thrill by knowing about animals from the experts and guides of the park.

Native Animals: Mandarin Duck, Gibbon, and Southern Cassowary.

Explorer Village

Want to enjoy a safari journey in Dubai Safari Park? Visit Explorer Village, one of the main attractions of this park. This traditional open safari will give you close encounters with the animals of Africa and Asia. With a safari journey, you can explore the zone with specially designed eco-friendly vehicles. This safari allows you to see many species of animals like zebras, water buffalo, and cheetah, the hero animal of this village. You will be mesmerized by witnessing a cheetah-run race that is organized in this zone. Apart from that, you can get a chance to indulge in giraffe feeding activities and watch the bird show.

Native Animals: Scimitar-horned Oryx, Greater Kudu, Hippo, South African Giraffe, Sarus cranes, Guineafowl, Baboon, Striped Hyena, Impala, and Zebra.

African Village:

Get a true taste of Africa through your senses at African Village in Dubai Safari. Explore this village and witness the world's largest and smallest land mammals, from African elephants to the meerkat. It is home to species of majestic animals like giraffes and white lions. But the African Elephant is the hero of this African Village. If you are a birdwatcher, the Grand Aviary is the ideal place for you in this park. The visit to Grand Aviary gives you a wonderful experience as you can learn more about the birds through guides. Reptile House is one of the impressive attractions of this African Village that you should not miss.

Native Animals: Gorilla, White Lion, Antelope, Meerkat, Lemur, Chimpanzee, Cheetah, and more.

Wadi Area

After exploring the zones, you need to restore your energy, and Al Wadi, a central valley Area is dedicated to you for it. Here, you can have a picnic, enjoy dining and relax. In this area, you will find two restaurants and taste some lip-smacking snacks from a kiosk. You will have a wide range of choices to choose your food from delicious cuisines, and you can also get the street food experience.

Sitting on the ground and having some refreshment is one of the best things to do in Dubai Safari Park. While sitting there, you can observe peacocks, swans, and ducks. You can also add an extra layer of experience by registering yourself for pelican feeding. In Al Wadi Area, you can see birds of prey in an educational show numerous times a day.

Kids Farm

Visit Kids Farm to spend some time with the cutest animals of Dubai Safari Park. It is dedicatedly designed for youngsters where they can interact with animals like cows, chickens, donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats, ducks, and many more. The youngsters with their family can indulge in many exciting activities like feeding different birds and taking a learning program. Fun and education go in a parallel mode with you at Kids Farm.

Interesting Facts about Dubai Safari Park

  • Dubai Safari Park is a replacement for 50 years Old Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah.
  • Solar power is used to run the waterfall and vehicles like cable cars and trams.
  • The only park in the entire UAE that reflects three types of Lemur.
  • Dubai Safari park gives you the opportunity for the drive-through lions and hippo exhibits.
  • Dubai Safari Park is the first moon bear and Orangutan exhibit and the only Komodo dragon exhibit in the UAE.
  • This park has the largest group of baboons in the UAE.
  • The park organizes the cheetah race, which is one of its kind in the UAE.

FAQS About Dubai Safari Park

Q: What is the timing of Dubai Safari Park?

Ans: Dubai Safari Park opens between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day, and it will take around 6-8 hours to explore the park. You can walk at any time. But if you are inclined towards watching birds and animals shows, check the timing of shows before visiting there. Morning time is the best time to visit Dubai Safari Park.

Q: How many zones are there in Dubai Safari Park?

Ans: Dubai Safari Park has six zones, and each has its attractions and vibe. You can participate in many interactive activities, learn something new about wildlife and get some incredible experiences. Here is the list of zones of Dubai Safari Park.

  • African Village
  • Arabian Desert Village
  • Explorer Village
  • Asian Village
  • Kids farm
  • Al Wadi
Q: What are the facilities in Dubai Safari Park?

Ans: The facilities of Dubai Safari Park make your experience remarkable. This park has a facility of guided tours, eco-friendly vehicles, parking spaces, shopping stalls, restaurants, and cafes, and prayer rooms.

Q: How to reach Dubai Safari Park?

Ans: This park is located in the Al Warqa and is an easily reachable destination from any point of the city. The local cab facility is one of the best modes to reach Dubai Safari Park. But if you want to reach via Metro, then Creek Metro Stop would be your destination.