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Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai is a place that is on every shopper's bucket list with its grand luxury malls and traditional markets. You will find endless ways to fill your bag with luxury goods, affordable things, and a heart with great memories. But, the true essence of shopping in Dubai lies in its old bustling markets like Dubai Spice Souk, which lies adjacent to Dubai Gold Souk. It is a market packed with various quality herbs, fragrances, textiles, dry fruits, artifacts, spices, and flavors.

This Dubai spice souk is also known as the Old Souk, a part of eastern Dubai, Deira. With this market, you can get a sensory experience in Dubai that will stay in your heart forever. Discover new herbs and spices at the heritage sites of Dubai to add an aromatic, vibrant experience to your Dubai tour.

Dubai Spice Souk is one of the most fantastic tourist destinations, giving you a sense of old Dubai City. Dubai Spice Souk's location is vibrant, and the air is filled with a unique aroma and smell that gives you a sensory experience. Nuts, oil, spices, and saffron are popular things to buy in Dubai Spice Souk. Besides that, many lively shops offer unique products like Arabian rugs, lanterns, and traditional UAE clothes. So give yourself an outstanding shopping experience in Dubai Spice Souk and uplift your mood instantly.

Overview of Dubai Spice Souk

Location Deira District
Address 26 34th Street, near Al ras Metro Station
Timing Sat- Thur-9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (With a break of 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)
Fri- 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Time Required 1-2 Hours
Entry Fee No entry fee


  • Shop like never before in the Dubai spice market by exploring the narrow streets and filling your bucket with fresh items.
  • Enjoy affordable shopping in Dubai Spice Souk and take back home some souvenirs.
  • The spice market in Dubai is colorful, making it a place worth capturing in pictures.
  • This spice market has hundreds of small vendors that offer fresh products and other products that suit your daily needs.
  • Finger-licking street foods fill your tummy with a unique taste in Dubai Spice Souk.
  • Opportunity to enjoy sightseeing as nearby places are also worth visiting.

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Dubai Spice Souk is a delightful place for every food and shopping lover.

About Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk is located in the Deira district, a cultural and commercial hub of the city. Spice Souk is famous for its small streets and shops, filled with spices worldwide. Spice markets, aromas, old charm, and endless shopping opportunities attract visitors to this place. This iconic market has a lot of things to offer besides shopping for spices. You can taste street foods, capture pictures, collect souvenirs, and fill your bag with daily required stuff at affordable prices. Let's unfold the charisma of Dubai Spice Souk one by one.

Shop for the finest Saffron: In Dubai Spice Souk, numerous shopping places offer prime quality saffron at a decent price. It is one of the most integral spices in the world and has a distinctive color and aroma. Saffron is also used in various cuisines like Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, etc.

Shop unique spices around the world: A visit to Dubai Spice Souk will take you on a journey that offers different spices in front of you. You will get the unique fragrance of cumin, cinnamon, pepper, and red chili at this traditional spice market of Dubai. The spices are imported from different corners of the world, but some essential sources of spices for this market are India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and other Middle Eastern and Asia. Apart from spices, you can buy some dry fruits, dates, and other sweet treats in Dubai Spice Souk.

Shop souvenirs: If you think Dubai Spice Souk is only about spices, let us tell you something interesting. There are plenty of shops that offer different shopping items which you can take back to your home as souvenirs. The things that you can buy from Dubai Spice Souk are shawls, clothes, and accessories.

Shop Arabic scents and perfumes: This traditional market gives you a touch of the old Dubai, and what else is more beautiful than purchasing Arabic scents in this city. Many shops offer various scents, oils, and perfumes you would like to purchase. Everything is here for you, from famous scents to some unique fragrances that will win your heart.

Interesting Facts about Dubai Spice Souk

  • It is one of the most fascinating spice souks in Dubai and is colorful & fragrant.
  • A wide range of nuts, oil, and spices.
  • Dubai Spice Souk is one of the best places to buy quality saffron.
  • The majority of merchants in this market are from Iran.

FAQS About Dubai Spice Souk

Q: What must-buy items from Dubai Spice Souk?

Ans: This traditional market of Dubai offers a wide range of spices that you must buy from here. You can find different kinds of spices with quality. The best thing that you can buy from this market is Saffron. It is available in huge amounts with premium quality here.

Q: Is the Dubai Spice Souk market cheaper than other markets in Dubai?

Ans: A big yes to affordable shopping in this market of Dubai. It is one of the cheapest markets of Dubai when compared to other supermarkets in the city. You need to be good at bargaining to get a good price from there. You can observe the local people shopping then start your shopping.

Q: What is the best time to visit Dubai Spice Souk in a day visit?

Ans: The mid-morning around 11:00 AM is the best time to plan your visit for shopping in Dubai Spice Souk. In the evening time, the market generally receives a crowd. If you are visiting here for the first time, it is advised to visit in mid-morning for a better experience.

Q: How to reach Dubai Spice Souk from the metro?

Ans: The nearest metro station from this market is Al Ras Metro Station. After arriving there, you will need to ride on a boat to reach this traditional market.