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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is perfectly fit for every kind of tourist, but adventure seekers can enhance their experience most uniquely and thrillingly. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai is the name of that adventure for adventure seekers that is one of the must-try things to do in Dubai.

Observing the sand dunes of Dubai from 4000 ft of height is a mesmerizing reason to plan your hot air balloon ride in Dubai. It is one of the best thrilling activities in Dubai that will add another dimension to the sunrise and sunset experience.

Flying safely in the air with a hot air balloon is a luxurious and unforgettable experience that you can book with your family, or you can book a private ride with your partner. Take this balloon flight and weave some unforgettable memories with waves of the air. Memorable, Incredible, and enjoyable are some words that describe your hot air balloon flight in Dubai. The tour packages of hot air balloons come with variety for you. Whether you are celebrating the height with your friends, spending an unforgettable fun day with your family, or looking for a romantic rendezvous, it suits all your preferences.

Overview of Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Duration of Ride 40-70 minutes (depends on weather)
Age Limit 5 years
Ticket Price (shared basis) AED 1100, INR 22,296 -11 years and above (approx.)
AED 1250, INR 25,337-  5-11 years (approx.)
Elevation 4000 ft


  • Witness the sunrise or sunset from the height of 4000 feet
  • Get a bird’s eye-view from the top of the city.
  • See the process of inflammation of ballon
  • Capture the moments in your camera

About Hot Air Balloon Safari in Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Safari is one of a kind aerial experience in Dubai that will give you an awe-inspiring view that you will never forget. Getting the view of the city from an immense height of 4000 ft. is something that will amaze you in each second during this balloon ride. Without any questioning, enjoying a fun ballooning ride is one of the best things to do in Dubai for adventure lovers. This experience is more than a ride because you can indulge in other fun-filled activities with your friends and family. You can add different levels of fun, thrill, and entertainment to your bucket list in so many ways. Driving on vintage Land Rovers, exploring the desert, and staying in an authentic heritage camp are some of the best things that you can enjoy along with a balloon ride. From getting the view of the entire city to enjoying an ultimate desert adventure, this ride gives you a dose of excitement in each second.

Interesting Facts about Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • The hot air balloon ride can take you to the height of 4000 ft.
  • You can spot the wildlife of the desert with a ride along with sunset or sunrise

FAQS About Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Q: Who can't take this hot air balloon ride?

Ans: Even though the ride of a hot air balloon is safe, for some people it is not suitable at all.

  • Children who are below 5 years old.
  • Pregnant women (More than 3 months).
  • Anyone who had to go through major surgery in the last 6 months.
  • Anyone who has heart and back problems.
  • Anyone who is afraid of heights.
  • Any wheelchair user.
Q: Where does this hot air balloon land in Dubai?

Ans: The wind is the major factor in the ride of a hot air balloon ride as this balloon flies with that and air determines its direction and distance. The view and experience are unique for every hot air balloon ride.

Q: What should I wear while enjoying the hot air balloon ride?

Ans: You can wear anything that is comfortable for you because you need to climb in and out from the basket. Make sure to wear warm clothes during the wintertime and carry a hat and sunglasses are ideal when the sun is up.

Q: What is the duration of a hot air balloon ride?

Ans: The balloon flying time is around 1 hour and it goes slightly less or more because of different flying criteria.