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Seven Coloured Earth

The Seven Coloured Earth is a prominent tourist attraction in Mauritius, which is a small area of sand dunes that displays seven sand shades, including red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. Located inside the Geo Park, Chamarel Earth Park, the sand's unique colour gradient is because of the transformation of Basaltic lava to clay minerals. The tropical weather conditions are also responsible for washing out all water-soluble elements, resulting in sand formation.

The remains are reddish black iron and aluminum oxide and reflect in the shade of purple, blue, and cyan. Apart from it, other colours are formed due to various compositions. It is surrounded by lush forest, which adds to its charm. The site has become one of Mauritius' most popular tourist attractions that attracts tourists from all over.

You will find that a wooden fence exists around the perimeters to prevent entry into the sands. However, you can still see the colors and enjoy such an experience without facing barriers. Sunrise is the best time to visit Seven Coloured Earth in Mauritius when the sunrays glorify the park and is best to uplift your overall experience.

Overview of Seven Coloured Earth

Location Rivière Noire District in South West Mauritius.
Coastline 7 Coloured Earth Road, Chamarel, Mauritius
Things to do 1960s
Area 7,500 square meters
Timing 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Best Time to Visit  November to April
Required Time 2 hours (Approx.)
Known as Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths, Chamarel Coloured Earth


  • Experience a unique natural phenomenon of geological beauty.
  • Admire the different shades of sand and lush greenery around.
  • Enjoy photography of the surrounding area of the Seven Coloured Earth.

Entry Fee of Seven Coloured Earth

For adults, the entrance fee to Seven Coloured Earths at Chamarel is 273 MUR (500 INR), and for children, it is 136 MUR (250 INR). For infants (0-4 years), tickets are not required as they are welcome free of cost. A ticket for Chamarel Earth Park allows you to explore this Geological Park, where you will find unique viewpoints, Chamarel Waterfalls, a Coffee shop, a Souvenir shop, and a Tortoise Park.

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This geological park is blessed with a natural charm that surprises tourists in a multitude of ways. Tourists of all types should visit this park since it's a unique formation that can't be found anywhere else.

About Seven Coloured Earth

Seven Coloured Earth is a prime attraction and part of a spectacular Geo Park destination. This place has a 600-million-year history and is renowned as the islands' first original geopark. Nature lovers, geologists, and anyone interested in natural wonders will find something unique at this park. Aside from geology experience, visitors can learn about nature conservation and other educational topics.

In the Seven-Coloured Earth zone of the geopark, you can observe layers of multi-colored sand that spontaneously form. You can capture the sights with your camera and admire the beautiful landscapes that are nothing less than something magical. It is open all year round and welcomes tourists from around the world. After enjoying the sights of this natural beauty, the happy cafe experience awaits you. There are also nearby attractions, such as Tortoise Park and Waterfall, that you can explore.

How to reach Seven Coloured Earth from India

The flight is the best way To reach the Seven Coloured Earths from India. From major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and others, flights operate to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius. Upon arriving in Mauritius, you can take a taxi to Seven Coloured Earths.

Interesting Facts about Seven Coloured Earth

  • This park opened in 1960 and has a rich history.
  • Seven Coloured Earth is a result of the island's volcanic activity between 3.5 million and 1.9 million years ago.
  • A visit to the coffee and souvenir shops will add more fun to your trip.
  • The colorful dunes can reach up to 15 m thick.
  • It contains evidence of ancient geo-climate activity.
  • You can see the swirling patterns of the multi-colored dunes formed due to rain over thousands of years.

FAQS About Seven Coloured Earth

Q: How was the Seven Coloured Earth Formed in Mauritius?

Ans: The multicoloured sand of Mauritius is formed due to evolved basaltic lava to clay minerals. Apart from it, the coloured dunes are linked with rill development and topsoil removal, and vegetation's systematic elimination. The swirling lines of sand formed due to torrential rain make it a fantastic sight to witness.

Q: Is there any age restriction for entry to Seven Coloured Earth?

Ans: No! There is no age restriction to entry to Seven Coloured Earth. In fact, for infants, there is no entry fee as well to enjoy a tour of this park. However, children above 4 years old and adults must purchase a ticket.

Q: Do I need to book my ticket for Seven Coloured Earth in Advance?

Ans: There is no need to book your ticket in advance as you can purchase it at the entry point. However, booking your tour package in advance is recommended, including your access to enjoy a hassle-free tour in Mauritius.

Q: Can I enjoy a picnic inside the Seven Coloured Earth?

Ans: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to enjoy a picnic as it is restricted inside this geological park of Mauritius. But, you can enjoy some happy cafe experiences at the park, which has a coffee shop and some souvenir shops.

Q: What is the area of this 7 Coloured Earth in Mauritius?

Ans: This astonishing land of natural beauty is spread over 7,500 square meters. You can also find informative panels (on the wooden fences surrounding the sands) to get detailed information on the same.