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Arbat Street

Shopping in Arbat Street of Moscow is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is one of the oldest Moscow shopping streets and offers luxurious shopping centers, local markets, restaurants, and cafes. From classy souvenirs shops to numerous food stores, this street covers everything for every kind of shopaholic. Being fully packed with lots of entertainment, cafes, and historical significance, this street is one of the favorite spots for tourists.

Apart from shopping, you can explore a few monuments and old buildings that will add a unique experience to your tour. No doubt that Arbat Street is one of the most established and popular shopping places in Moscow.

Arbat Street is located in the historic part of the city where you can get anything you want. Moreover, this street is one of the oldest and most well-preserved streets, and its history is still unknown. However, the name of this street was mentioned in 1493. All in all, you can enjoy the best of both modernity and history at one of the best shopping places in Russia.

Overview of Arbat Street

Location Moscow; Central Administrative Okrug; Arbat District
Length  1 km
Former Name Orbat (1493)
Smolenskaya Street (middle of the 17th century.)
Timing 24 Hours 
Entry Fee Nil

Recommended For

Arbat Street in Moscow is an ideal spot for shopping lovers, history fanatics, and experience seekers.


  • Shop souvenirs that reflect Russian culture and tradition from the local shops.
  • Explore historical sites and monuments around the city.
  • Stroll in the street to get a unique experience in this open marketplace.
  • Take a break at the beautiful cafe and restaurants.
  • Visit several attractions of the 16th century that still amaze everyone.

About Arbat Street

Arbat Street of Moscow is a one-kilometer pedestrian street that has become one of the best tourist attractions in the city. You can find numerous things for shopping, entertainment, and more. In fact, it is one of the oldest and surviving streets of Moscow that gives you unique souvenir stores, elegant shops, cafes, and historical monuments and buildings. Indeed, you will find endless things that you would like to shop for at Arbat Street.

This shopping street starts from Arbatskaya Square and ends at Smolenskaya Square. Consequently, the length of this street is around 1 km. Arbat Street is part of the historical section of this city and gives you the opportunity to explore the historical places and attractions while enjoying shopping. In fact, the accurate history of this street is still unknown, but in 1493, its name is mentioned in the record.

If you want to shop antique items, enjoy the nightlife, know the culture in Moscow, head to Arbat Street. You can enjoy the shopping experience because you will get everything at a reasonable cost. Therefore, it is counted as one of the budget-friendly shopping places in Russia.

Additionally, this street has become the best place for a hangout for locals and visitors as there are many cafes, shops, and artiness in the street that keep everyone entertained. Arbat Street is a place where numerous famous figures of Russia lived, and therefore, it is considered the nobles' living area of Moscow.

However, from the start of the 20th Century, this shopping street became popular. Many several shopping centers, local markets, restaurants, and cafes opened for visitors. Besides that many new buildings were constructed along with the historic buildings, and some oil boutiques. Currently, it is the prime spot to experience the street culture and walls full of graffiti. On the whole, this is one of the best places for enjoying shopping and getting loads of different experiences.

Interesting Facts about Arbat Street

  • The actual history of Arbat Street is still unknown, but it is mentioned in the records of 1493.
  • Arbat Street was the ideal place for the nobility and wealthy families of Moscow.
  • This street was the favorite living area for artists and lower-class nobilities of the city, such as Alexander Pushkin and Andrey Bely.
  • During the Soviet Era, churches and religious places on Arbat Street were demolished.
  • Arbat Street in Moscow is the first-ever pedestrian-only street of the Soviet Union era.
  • The restoration on the street finished in 1986 after which it become more appealing.