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Ha Long Bay

Witness the ethereal beauty of one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, Halong Bay. Treat your eyes to the karst limestone pillars and small islets of different shapes and sizes. Swim in the crystal blue waters or relax on the beach with your loved ones for a memorable Vietnam tour.

Located in northern Vietnam, the pleasant weather adds to the overall experience of visiting Ha Long Bay. Day trips and 2 to 3 days cruises are available to explore the spectacular caves, visit the floating markets and fishing villages, and meet new people on tour.

Did you know? 'Halong' means 'where the dragon descends into the sea'. This place has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Halong City is the main entry point to the bay. Swimming, kayaking, wave surfing, and climbing are some of the most famous activities to try while in Halong Bay Vietnam.

If you wish to explore this place, opt for the Ha Long Bay Vietnam cruise for the best experience. Ha Long Bay helicopter rides are also available to see the bay's beauty. Contact Indian Holiday to book complete Vietnam tour packages you can customize.

Overview of Ha Long Bay

Location Gulf of Tonkin, within Quang Ninh Province, in the northeast of Vietnam
Address 165 km from the capital of Hanoi


  • Cruise along Ha Long Bay and experience the beauty amid thousands of islands. 
  • Explore the largest cave, try kayaking, visit floating fishing villages, etc.
  • Swim in the warm waters, snorkel with loved ones, and relax on the beach.
  • Option to choose from a day trip, 2 days 1 night, or 3 days 2 nights cruises.

Ha Long Bay Ticket Prices

Here is the entrance fee for Ha Long Bay - 

  • Day Cruise - 200000 VND per turn/person (US$13, INR 1,063)
  • Overnight Cruise - 500000 VND per person (US$25, INR 2,045) (This is generally included in your ticket, so don’t have to pay extra)

Note: These prices are subject to change at the time of booking.

About Ha Long Bay

"Where the Dragon Descends into the Sea" is what Ha Long means. There is an interesting legend that talks about dragons. It is said that God sent the Mother Dragon and her children to help the Vietnamese fight foreign invaders. Thus, the dragons sprayed pearls that turned into thousands of stone islands in the sea that created a solid wall to restrict the enemy's ship entry.

Apart from this legend, there are thousands of stunning rugged islands, islets, and Ha Long Bay Karst  you can see on your visit. And by opting for ha Long Bay 1 day cruises or overnight cruises, you will get a chance to see the mystical beauty of centuries-old formations of caves that will be the highlight of your Ha Long Bay tour.

For the best experience, plan your holiday here between October and December, as it is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay Vietnam. The pleasant weather allows tourists to indulge in kayaking, swimming, island hopping, and other activities. 

Go through this list of the best things to do in Ha Long Bay for an unforgettable trip. 

  • Cruising - Nothing beats wandering the emerald-blue waters on a cruise, exploring the ancient caves. Wake up to a beautiful morning surrounded by karts, and relax on the sun deck while watching panoramic sights that will make your day delightful.
  • Visit a floating village - Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh Vietnam is home to numerous fishing communities. They have lived on the water for ages now. So to explore the villages, you can take a boat tour and see their way of life.
  • Paddle out in a kayak - The best way to move around Ha Long Bay is on a kayak. Navigate around the splendid seascape and watch the sunset when the lagoons are quiet.
  • Explore a cave - Go inside a cave or geological wonders on foot. Many ancient karsts have been carved out by rain and water currents.
  • Try rock climbing - Adventurous souls can enjoy climbing on the countless routes in Ha Long Bay. Deep water soloing is becoming popular day by day, especially on Butterfly Island.

Apart from this, if you are wondering how to reach Ha Long Bay. Then you have a car, shuttle bus, and seaplane (it takes about 45 minutes from Noi Bai International Airport). And to move around, you have boats). Choose a seaplane ride (15 minutes) for a bird’s-eye view of the Bay. In Ha Long city, hire a taxi to explore the town.

Interesting Facts about Ha Long Bay

  • Ha Long Bay has over 1000 islands
  • It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000
  • Ha Long Bay is not that deep
  • A local legend tells how the islands on Ha Long Bay were formed
  • Ha Long Bay has four fishing villages
  • An annual festival is held at Ha Long Bay

FAQS About Ha Long Bay

Q: Is Halong Bay worth a visit?

Ans: If you are a nature lover, Ha Long Bay is a must-visit place. Unspoiled beaches, ancient floating villages, isolated islands, and a natural cave system make Ha Long Bay attractive.

Q: Why is Halong Bay famous?

Ans: Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its spectacular limestone mountains rising from emerald waters. They formed thousands of years ago and had a legend attached to them. You can opt for a day or overnight cruise to explore the caves in Ha Long Bay.

Q: How long will it take to stay in Halong Bay?

Ans: 2 to 3 days are sufficient to visit the caves, get familiar with the culture, and relax in the peaceful surroundings of Ha Long Bay.

Q: What is the best month to visit Halong Bay?

Ans: October to December are the best months to visit Ha Long Bay. The weather is pleasant, and there are lower chances of rain.

Q: How many days do you need in Hanoi?

Ans: 3 days are enough to spend in Hanoi. You can explore the tourist attractions during this time and check out amazing bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Q: Can I do a day trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

Ans: Yes. Hanoi to Ha Long Bay distance is about 172 km and takes 2 hours and 30 minutes on average. Seaplanes, cars, or shuttle buses are available from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay.