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Nrityagram in Karnataka

Nrityagram is one of the major cultural centers in Karnataka, and rates high among the tourist destinations in Karnataka. Nrityagram, located 35 km from Bangalore, is the first modern Gurukul in India. Established by Odissi danseuse Protima Gauri in the year 1990, Nrityagram is a community of dancers in an isolated place amidst nature where nothing prevails other than dance. Nrityagram has prospered over the years and is presently renowned for some of the best ensemble work in Odissi.

Nrityagram follows the age-old Gurukul tradition of students looking after and caring for their Guru (master) by growing fruit and vegetables on the land, cooking, cleaning, and earning through dance performances. People at Nrityagram lead a self-motivated holistic lifestyle focused on dance and the higher principles related to the art.

Nrityagram in Karnataka is dotted with several mud buildings, greenery, a temple, yoga center, beautiful and well-kept gardens, and guest cottages. The Gurukuls in Nrityagram are also worth a watch for the tourists. Visit the grand Odissi Gurukul, the Mohiniattam Gurukul, and the Kathak Gurukul.

A prime attraction of Nrityagram is the spring festival Vasantahabba, celebrated every February at the magnificent amphitheatre here. It is an all-night carnival of dance and music organized by Nrityagram annually.

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What to see in Nrityagram

Established by famous Odissi danseuse Late Protima Gauri, "Nrityagram" in Karnataka is a community of dancers in an idyllic village nestled in nature's lap. Designed by architect Gerard da Cunha, Nrityagram enthralls visitors with its architectural innovations also apart from its brilliant artistic aspirations.

The rich cultural ambience at Nritygram is further enriched by the perfect village setting complete with mud buildings, greenery, shady trees etc. Witness the self-motivated Holistic Living at Nrityagram, which focuses on dance and the higher values associated with the arts. Visit the various "gurukuls" resonating with the rhythms of hands, feet, wood, voice at this high-profile dance school. Some of the main places to see in Nrityagram include:

ODISSI GURUKUL: The most magnificent among the architectural structures within the Nrityagram campus, the Odissi Gurukul is designed in the style of ancient Orissan Temples. The walls are adorned with beautiful stone sculptures, evocative of the various aspects of the brilliant dance form it patronizes.

MOHINIATTAM GURUKUL: This gurukul features a wide expanse of open courtyard with a sloping thatch roof and a concealed dance hall.

KATHAK GURUKUL: Beautiful winding pathways lead to this Gurukul, which sports a base of granite, red brick and large airy windows. The most distinctive feature of this structure is the mortar-less, stone-filled archways.

TEMPLE: Built of raw mud from Nrityagram's complex, the temple is dedicated to space. The temple houses decorated panels symbolizing the natural elements, dance motifs, 'mudras' and designs from costumes and ghungroos. A flame stays lit within the temple.This is an open structure attached to the temple. This place also holds in-house performances under the open sky.

AMPHITHEATRE: Built of red earth in the style of Roman amphitheatres, this is one of the most important structures to see in Nrityagram. Every February, the annual Vasantahabba festival is held here.

GUEST COTTAGES: These quaint cottages resemble the houses of Tibet and Ladakh, and they were home to some of the greatest exponents of dance and music, who have performed at Vasantahabba.

GARDENS: The beautiful and well-maintained gardens within the complex grow everything from fruits to vegetables to grain to 'dal'.

Hotels Near Nrityagram

"Nrityagram" - the idyllic dance village of Karnataka, is situated in Hessaraghatta, 35 kms from Bangalore the state capital. This high-profile art school which nourishes various dance styles and martial arts through the age-old 'Guru Shisya Parampara', can be easily accessed from Bangalore, which is in turn well-connected to important places within India as well as outside the country.

A visit to 'Nrityagram' will introduce you to a unique aspect of the rich cultural heritage of India, and it is a must-include in any Karnataka Tour itinerary.

In order to cater to the increasing influx of tourists and visitors to Nrityagram, a number of food stalls to suit every pocket, ranging from 5 star hotels to medium sized restaurants and local village stalls have opened up in the vicinity.

The most popular hotel near Nrityagram is the Hotel Taj Kuteeram - a part of the Taj Group of Hotels. The hotel offers lavish accommodation in a total of nine cottages, of which three are suites, each uniquely different from the other.

The hotel reflects the glories of ancient arts through its architecture and ambience. The ambience is evocative of the splendorous era of the ancient kings. The rock-hewn walls are decorated with ancient cave art, murals, and paintings. Moreover, the antique furniture and original artisan work exudes an old-world charm. Taj Kuteeram aptly blends antiquity with contemporary facilities, so that the guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.

At Kuteram, the guests can treat their taste buds with low-fat Asian, European and Mediterranean cuisines, rich in tastes and variety. The hotel also provides modern amenities like Ayurveda, Yoga, Car rentals, Currency exchange, Travel assistance, Doctor-on-call, etc.

How to reach Nrityagram

Reach Nrityagram by Private Transport

  • Set out from Bangalore and take the Bangalore-Pune Highway (National Highway #4, also called Tumkur Road)
  • Pass through Yeshwantpur and Peenya on the way, and after crossing them, you will come across the ECIE factory on the left. Across the road, on the right hand side, spot a huge black colored, glass-covered building - Reliance House.
  • Take the immediate next right turn to Hessaraghatta.
  • Once on Hessaraghata road, watch out for signs to Nrityagram or Taj Kuteeram.

Warning - If you spot Jindal's Institute Of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences on the left side of the road, you have missed the turn to Hessaraghatta. Please turn around and take the correct path.

Note that Nrityagram is 5 km from Hessaraghatta. It will take you around 90 mins. To reach Nrityagram from Bangalore.

Note- only Bus No. 266 will take you right up to Nrityagram The others stop at Hessaraghatta village, from where you can hire an auto rickshaw to reach Nrityagram.


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