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How to Reach Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the most attractive destinations in the Northeast region and is known as the ‘Land of Festivals’. It is brimming with natural wonders like rivers, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and valleys. All these things make Nagaland a crowd-puller destination. The excellent connectivity to India showcases plenty of options to reach Nagaland. Tourists from the nearby cities and towns can reach Nagaland by road on their vehicles. The recommended way to reach Nagaland is to take a direct flight to Dimapur or arrive at Guwahati by train and then take a bus or hire a private taxi for an overnight journey.

Look at here the details on how to go Nagaland for a relaxed trip.

Nagaland by Flight:

Traveling by air is the quickest way to reach Nagaland and many tourists choose to fly there rather than traveling with other modes. Dimapur Airport is the primary airport that serves Nagaland.

Regular flights are available to and from Dimapur on the edge with Assam. It is the ideal approaching point for those travelers who wish to go to Kohima and explore the enchanting beauty of this northeastern state.

Nagaland by Road:

In recent times, the road network has improved in the Northeastern state of India including Nagaland. The capital city of Nagaland can be reached by road as well, and tourists who travel to Dimapur by train or flight have the option to take a cab or bus to reach Kohima.

Regular private and public bus services plying between Kohima and other cities and districts of Nagaland. Several inter-state buses ply between different nearby states like Assam and Nagaland. Cabs are also an option to travel between cities and districts.

Nagaland by Train:

Dimapur railway station is the major railhead in Nagaland, which is located in the Dimapur district. This station lies on the Lumding-Dibrugarh section and one of the main lines of the North-East frontier railway. Dimapur is connected by trains to Guhawati and Kolkata.

These cities enjoy rail connectivity with most of every part of the country that helps to connect Nagaland with the rest of India. Several trains travel to Dimapur, such as Avadh Assam Express, Rangiya Dibrugarh Express, JAN Shatabdi Express, Kamakhya Dimapur BG Express, New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express.

How to Reach Nagaland from Kolkata:

Nagaland has no railway station, however, the nearest railway station is Dimapur. You can reach Dimapur from Kolkata by several trains that run from Kolkata to Dimapur. Some of the main trains run between Kolkata and Dimapur are Kamrup Express, New Tinsukia Express, and Kolkata Dibrugarh Express.

The fastest and recommended way to reach Dimapur from Kolkata is to take the flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport to Dimapur Airport. After arriving at Dimapur airport, tourists can go to Kohima by taking a car or taxi.

How to Reach Nagaland from Delhi:

Nagaland neither has its railway station nor an airport. The nearest railway head and airport is located in Dimapur. There are plenty of trains that connect Delhi to Dimapur. Tourists can choose from the plethora of trains like New-Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani, Avadh Assam Express, and Dibrugarh Rajdhani. After reaching Dimapur, tourists can head to Kohima, which is just 74 km away.

Getting a taxi or cab to get to Kohima from the station is an easy way to reach your desired location. There are many flights available from Delhi to Dimapur. Tourists can take the flight from Indira Gandhi National Airport to Dimapur domestic airport. There is the easy availability of car and taxi from the airport to reach Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland.

How to Reach Nagaland from Dimapur

The distance between Dimapur and Nagaland is 88 Km, which you can cover by bus or taxi via road. Tourists can take a cab from the Dimapur Railway station to reach Kohima, which is the capital city of Nagaland. After reaching Kohima, tourists can go anywhere in Nagaland easily.

To reach Nagaland from the domestic airport of Dimapur, you need to cover 75 km and take a bus or taxi at your convenience to hit your desired location.

How to Reach Nagaland from Guwahati

The distance between Guwahati to Nagaland is 282 km, and numerous trains run from Guwahati to Dimapur. Tourists can take a flight from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport of Guwahati to reach Dimapur airport, the nearest one from Nagaland.

Numerous trains run from Guwahati to Dimapur, and we are going to tell you some of the most preferred trains between Guwahati and Dimapur. Tourists can take Dibrugarh Rajdhani, Jan Shatabdi Express, Avadh Assam Express, and Nagaland Express to reach the Dimapur railway station.

After reaching Dimapur, you can take a cab or taxi to reach Kohima to explore Nagaland.