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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Andaman

An exotic underwater activity, Snorkeling is a fascinating way to observe and explore the exquisite underwater marine life. However, the pleasure of snorkeling in Andaman is all too more compelling, owing to its warm and clear waters as well as its captivating underwater species.

Snorkeling is especially popular with the kids holidaying in Andaman. While it is certainly wondrous for children to encounter and experience, adults also marvel at the seductive charms of the amazing world that lies beneath the sea.

This exciting sport requires no special training and anyone can enjoy this phenomenal sport. With snorkeling one can also enjoy other exciting activities like underwater Rugby, Spear fishing, underwater hockey and underwater ice hockey as well.

Another popular activity is Scuba Diving, typically done with a Scuba set. With the support of oxygen cylinders, the activity allows one to stay underwater for a much longer duration of time. This also lets one to observe the incredible flora and fauna of the sea according to their own wish and pace.

The activity can be enjoyed either as a standalone or with a trained diver who also guides you to more exotic locales. In Andaman, one of the best scuba diving is done at Havelock and Neil islands. Modern infrastructure and skilled guides are available for best of experiences.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving is great way to enjoy the abundantly rich marine life of Andaman, making you truly immerse yourself in the charms of this wonderful place.

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