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Best Time to Visit Andaman Nicobar Island

If you ask the avid travelers and travel content creators, they will say that the best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island is during the driest months from October to May, when temperatures are salubrious. Andaman and Nicobar have tropical climates and nature, and there is no such thing as winter with crisp air. Hence, two seasons dominate this Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal - summer and monsoon. Accordingly, the best window for travel to Andaman and Nicobar Island is summer and the post-monsoon (after September), including the winter months of India covering November, December, January, February.

But since Andaman is a coastal paradise where 37 inhabited islands swim in the Indian Ocean as a part of the Bay of Bengal, there are many beaches for watersports. Therefore, if you want to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, underwater sea walk, and glass-bottom ride, the best time to visit Andaman is summer (April to May) post-monsoon till May.

Summers April till June 25°c - 33°c
Monsoon July till September 24°c - 33°c
Winter November till March 24°c - 31°c

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Frequently Asked Questions about Andaman

Q: How is the weather of Andaman in October?

Ans: In October, the temperature of Andaman remains mild but humid. Mercury varies between 31 °C to 23 °C making its average temperature of approx. 26 °C. However, with monsoon just receded, the relative humidity remains quite high at approx. 91%. Tourist arrivals as well as tourism activities like adventure sports activities in Andaman & Nicobar starts to open up in October.

However, please note that it may rain quite often even though monsoon will have receded, if you are planning a trip to Andaman in October, you may well go ahead and do so. The advantage of planning a trip to Andaman in October is that since tourism activities doesn't picks up that much till late November, you are most likely to find cheaper deals on hotels, ferries and other available activities.

Q: How is the weather of Andaman & Nicobar in November?

Ans: The average temperature in November of Andaman & Nicobar stays at a pleasant 28°C. Relative humidity again remains in the 90s owing to the tropical climate. Tourist season starts picking up in Andaman around November but it is still not the peak season yet. With less crowds and affordable deals, this is one the best time to visit Andaman. With the arrival of wedding season in India, this also happens to be the time when newlywed couples could plan their honeymoon. With its pristine islands and some of the best white sand beaches in India, Andaman & Nicobar is one of the best places to plan your honeymoon.

Q: How is the weather of Andaman & Nicobar in December/January?

Ans: With the arrival of festive season, Christmas & New Year as well as winter breaks in schools in India, December and January happens to be the peak season of tourism in India. Similar to many other destinations, December & January is peak season of tourism in Andaman & Nicobar. The hotel rates peak, activities cost more and moving around becomes costly as well. Despite these things, visitor arrivals during these months is highest. Nice, pleasant weather and lots of adventure sports activities which guests love to indulge in makes December and January the best time to visit Andaman & Nicobar. The temperature during this time fluctuates between 23°C and 29°C, which is perfect to enjoy the warm weather.

Q: How is the weather of Andaman in February, March and April?

Ans: Although it rains in Andaman & Nicobar throughout the year, February till April is the driest month in Andaman. The temperature varies from 23°C to 33°C during these months. Sky remains bright and sunny and sea water calm thereby allowing you indulge in a lot of water sports activities, sea diving and under water adventure activities as well as cruises and other beach activities. Also with holiday season over, prices come down and the islands are less crowded. This is probably the best time to visit Andaman if you're planning your holiday.

Q: What is the best time to visit Andaman with family?

Ans: The best time to visit Andaman with family is from October till March. Avoid the Christmas & New Year time as you rarely get any deals during that period plus you have to usually pay surcharges in the hotels you'll stay in.

Q: What is the best time to visit Andaman for honeymoon?

Ans: When you are planning your honeymoon, you obviously want to avoid crowds. We recommend you avoid 20th December – 10th January period if you are planning your honeymoon in Andaman & Nicobar. The best time to plan your honeymoon in Andaman is from February till April as these months see least amount of rainy days, humidity is relatively low, days are bright and sunny and sea remains calm & clear thus making it ideal to indulge in under water activities as well as other water sports activities and cruises and island hopping.

Q: What is the cheapest time to visit Andaman?

Ans: You get the best deals right at the beginning of tourism season or when it is about to conclude. October and April is the cheapest time to visit Andaman.

Q: What is the peak season in Andaman?

Ans: December and January is the peak season in Andaman from tourism point of view. During Christmas & New Year, you'll have to pay a surcharge as well which hotels collect from guests for gala dinner and DJ parties etc. Ferries and other activities are also costly during this period

Q: What is the best time for scuba diving in Andaman?

Ans: The Andaman Islands experience warm weather from January to May. The temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius in these months. It is an ideal time to visit for scuba diving. During these months, the seas are the calmest, waters are warm, and tides are low.

Q: When to go to Andaman to enjoy water sports?

Ans: October to May is the best time to enjoy water sports in Andaman. The weather stays clear and quite pleasant during these months, which makes the outdoor activities comfortable.

Q: Why should you visit Andaman in the winter season?

Ans: The weather remains pleasant throughout the day in the winter season in Andaman. This season is comfortable for the sightseeing tour and it is the best time to indulge in watersports. The Film Festival held in November and Tourism Festival held in January - are other reasons to visit Andaman in winter.

Q: Why should you avoid an Andaman trip in the monsoon season?

Ans: During the monsoon, the Andaman Islands receive heavy rainfall due to which seas get rough and unpredictable. Water sports remain closed in this season as the climate is not suitable for these activities. The humidity is at its highest level in monsoon and the temperature fluctuates from 22 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius.