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Sea Walk in Andaman Island

Sea walking in Andaman is one of the newest and most exciting ways to enjoy the exotic marine life of the islands. Being one of the most direct ways to witness the beautiful underwater sea life of the area, the activity is full of fun and distraction. Sea walking is truly a life time experience for all the non-divers. The thrilling and close encounter with incredible fauna, corals, and an expansive array of fish in their natural habitat is one of the most memorable adventures. The activity is secure-anyone with from the age of 7 to 70 can undertake it- and a tourist is accompanied by a skilled diver as well so as to ensure maximum safety.

Sea walking is done with the help of a helmet with a transparent visor that is placed on the head. This helmet is furnished with a special apparatus that helps in normal breathing under the water. Moreover, trained life guards are always available to assist you in case of any difficulty or emergency.

The best sites to undertake and experience this exciting sport is The North Bay Island and The Elephant Beach, the latter being a recent enterprise. Both the places are rich in exotic coral reefs and a variety of fishes for best of experience.

Sea Walk is a wonderful and relaxing activity and enjoying it in the picturesque destination of Andaman is an experience to remember.