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Hong Kong Market Dimapur

No trip to Dimapur is completed without a little shopping trip and for that, there is a Hong Kong market in Dimapur. It is among the famous markets to shop at on your Dimapur trip and get your hands on a variety of foreign goods and products. From shoes, clothes to electronic items of unique varieties, there is a lot to shop for in the Hong Kong market. Also, make sure to visit this place in Nagaland if you love branded items!

Located in the heart of Dimapur, the Hong Kong market is perfect for people looking for foreign goods at cheap rates. You can find clothes, jewellery, footwear, and anything you like for varied ages, genders, and occasions. The market is very famous and people from all over the region visit here for a shopping spree.

There are many items that are imported from Thailand and Myanmar and will surely surprise you. Hong Kong market is just not a marketplace but over the last few years it has evolved as a big part of tourism and we encourage you to visit here one during your Dimapur tour.

Hong Kong Market Dimapur: What to Know Before You Go

  • Location: Hazi Park Road, Dimapur, Nagaland
  • Type of Destination:  Shopping
  • Hong Kong Market Timings: You can visit the Hong Kong market between 10 am to 7 pm.

Best time to visit

Winter is the ideal time to visit Dimapur. The weather is pleasantly cold and you can shop and visit other places with ease.

How to Reach Hong Kong Market Dimapur

  • By Flight - Dimapur Airport is the main airport, which is well-connected with major cities in India. Once reached, you can take an autorickshaw to the Hong Kong market.
  • By Train - Reach Dimapur railway station. From there, you can get several taxis to reach the Hong Kong market.
  • By Road - You can also use Nagaland State Transport Corporation buses, which will take you to the Dimapur bus stand. From there, you can take an autorickshaw to the shopping market.

Places to Visit near Hong Kong Market

There are many places to visit nearby once you are done with the shopping tour, which makes your visit worthwhile. Some places you can visit near the Hong Kong Market after the tour finishes are -

Kachari Ruins

Kachari Ruins also called the Dimasa Kachari Ruins are a series of domes pillars. They’re shaped like mushrooms that were formed by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdoms.

Chumukedima Village

It is a beautiful village and is known for its scenic beauty and pristine waterfalls.

Places to Stay near Hong Kong Market

Here are some of the best places to stay near the Hong Kong Market with decent amenities. You can choose these accommodation options as per your needs and budget.

  • Mount Embassy Hotel (0.1 km away)
  • The Cindrella Hotel (0.2 km away)
  • OYO 9202 Hotel Central Courtyard (0.2 km away)
  • Treebo Trip Mittal Gardens (0.2 km away)
  • CHAS Rajdarbar Hotel & Banquets (1.0 km away)

Tips for visiting Hong Kong Market

  • Even though it can be hard here, you can try your best.
  • Avoid visiting Dimapur in the monsoon as the region gets slippery and might cause landslides.

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