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Kachari Ruins

Kachari Ruins also called the Dimasa Kachari Ruins are a series of domes pillars. They’re shaped like mushrooms that were formed by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdoms who ruled before the Ahom invasion during the 13th century. Kachari Ruins are situated in Dimapur in Nagaland and were constructed in the 10th century during the Kachari civilization.

Unfortunately, Kachari Ruins are not well maintained and have been neglected by people and the government. It is however a protected monument but not a single police personnel or guard can be seen here. So, if you truly want to see them on your trip and know the history of Kachari Ruins, keep reading.

Everything to know about Kachari Ruins in Dimapur

  • Location:  Half Nagarjan, Dimapur, Nagaland
  • Type of Destination: Religious
  • Timings for Kachari Ruins:  You can visit Kachari Ruins from 9 am to 4 pm on all days.
  • Duration:   1 to 2 hours must be enough to explore and witness the unique structures of the Kachari Ruins.

History of Kachari Ruins

Created by the Dimasa Kachari Kingdoms, these ruins’ purpose and origin are mysterious as a few stand in full glory while the others crumble down. People say that a game somewhat like chess was played here with these mushroom-shaped pillars.

To enter, you have to pass through the gateway where these ruins are scattered all around amidst tall grass and weeds. They seem similar to lingas but are meticulously shaped with intricate design on them. From an aerial view, these domes look like chess pieces and the biggest monolith being 22 feet tall.

Over the years, Kachari Ruins have lost their original accuracy but still exhibits the indigenous Aryan elements. Lotus and flowers are common decorative designs but animal designs like deer, elephant, or cow can also be seen. A highlight motif is a man raising his arms to the sky like he is celebrating wearing a headdress. Kachari Ruins are unique and are surely a must-visit for art and history lovers.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kachari Ruins is the wintertime. You can enjoy exploring the ruins comfortably as the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Avoid visiting in monsoon as it rains very heavily.

How to Reach Kachari Ruins

By Flight - Dimapur Airport is well-connected with major cities in India and can be easily reached. You can take taxis from outside the airport to reach Kachari Ruins.

  • Distance from Dimapur Airport to Kachari Ruins: 6.4 km (approx.)
  • Travel Time: 15 min (approx.)

By Train - Take a train to Dimapur railway station and from there, several taxis are available to reach the attraction.

  • Distance from Dimapur railway station to Kachari Ruins: 3 km (approx.)
  • Travel Time: 13 minutes (approx.)

By Road - State buses are also available from nearby towns and cities. Kachari Ruins lie on the other side of the railway track and once you get down at the bus stand, you have to cross a market where these ruins are located opposite Circuit House. Auto rickshaws and rental taxis can also be booked from the city centre in Dimapur.

Places to Visit near Kachari Ruins

Some places you can visit near the Kachari Ruins after the tour finishes are -

1. Nagaland Science Centre

An amazing place that promotes learning through triumphant approaches. It has three galleries that allow you to see the sky at night.

2. Triple Falls

Located in Seithekima Village, Triple Falls are stunning streams pouring down from a height of 280 feet into a natural pool. They also have great trekking opportunities.

3. Hong Kong Market

If you want to buy foreign goods at affordable rates, this is the place to be in Dimapur.

4. Nagaland Zoological Park

Nagaland Zoological Park is a wonderful place to visit in Nagaland to witness birds to bears, aquariums, eco-museum, and greenery all around.

5. Rangapahar reserve forest

One of the most famous attractions in Dimapur, this forest is known for its wildlife, various medicinal plants, and bird species.

6. Shiva temple

Located in a village named Singrijan, Shiva Temple, as the name suggests, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many devotees visit this temple daily.

7. Diezephe village

A village in the Dimapur district, Diezephe village houses the Diezephe Craft Museum showcasing beautiful wood carving and weaving.

Places to Stay near Kachari Ruins

These are some of the best places to stay near Kachari Ruins with decent amenities -

  • Hotel Acacia (0.3 m away)
  • Hotel Theja Fort (0.4 km away)
  • Rains Inn (5.8 km away)
  • Hotel Saramati (1.0 km away)
  • Noune Resort (15.0 km away)
  • Hotel Lake Shilloi (1.0 km away)
  • Hotel Grand Tizu (1.6 km away)
  • Pilgrim's Boutique Hotel (1.2 km away)

Travelling Tips for Kachari Ruins Dimapur

  • Do not litter or damage the already damaged.
  • Avoid visiting here during the monsoon as Dimapur sees a heavy downpour that can cause landslides.

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