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Kundadri Hill Station Karnataka

The unspoilt Kundadri hill station in Karnataka situated in Teerthahalli taluk of Shimoga, still remains one of the favorite spots for tourists keen in mountain trekking. The mountains are unexplored and one can feel the excitement in discovering new pathways to the peak. Kundadri hill station is a huge monolithic rock formation about 3200 feet above sea level. It is covered with dense evergreen forests.

A seventeenth century Jain temple is situated on the hilltop amidst the serenity that belongs to the mountains. Beside the temple there are two ponds with placid water and lotus blooming. Kundadri named after the Jain monk, Kundakundacharya who was said to have practiced severe penance here throngs with Jain Pilgrims during the Makar Sankranti.

Tourists plan for a vacation in the quiet hills of Kundari to enjoy its solitude, the cool breeze that blow from the west, the clear blue firmament and the setting sun that may the most mesmerizing experience for many. Rivers flowing at the foothill can be seen from the mountaintop and the backwaters of Varahi Dam add to the scenic beauty.

If you are planning a trip to the Kundadri hill station in Karnataka you would be enjoying trekking the scenic mountain slopes, bird watching and visiting the magnificent falls. To reach Kundadri hill station you can travel from Teerthahalli via Nalur or through Kammaradi-Begar-Hosagadde to ‘Kundadri circle,' the commencing point to climb the hill. It is always advisable to plan the trip from Nalur because of distance as well as easy transport. The route from Kammaradi-Begar-Hosagadde will befit those who start their journey from Sringeri. If you love hiking you can take the route from Teerthahalli via Kammaradi- Nadabur-Halakunda and about a walk 6 kilometres from Kammaradi to reach the foothill.