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Chattisgarh Crafts and Arts

Chattisgarh has attained the status of a state pretty recently when it was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. Considering its nascent state, it would not be an exaggeration to state that Chattisgarh has made marked progress in terms of exploiting its tourism prospects showcasing its rich culture. The arts and crafts of Chattisgarh have its own share of contribution in helping the state reach a prestigious position in the tourism industry of India.

Bamboo Work is one of the popular crafts of Chattisgarh. The bamboo thickets are a commonly stumbled upon in Chattisgarh which implies that the scarcity of bamboo can be ruled out. As soon as the bamboo is ready to be put to use, the deft craftsmen of Chattisgarh starts spinning their magic. One can find durable household products as well as decorative items made of bamboo. Other popular wares made of bamboo comprise of agricultural tools, fishing entrapments, hunting tools and baskets.

Among the other crafts of Chattisgarh mention needs be made of wood carving. Shisham, teak, dhudi, sal and kikar are put to use by the skilled craftsmen to produce sculptures, masks, doors, window panes and pipes. All these diverse products bear testimony to the unquestionable skills of the artisans that can create magic with wood.

The wall paintings and the ethnic jewelry made of gold, silver, bronze and mixed metal can hardly be excluded from a discourse concerning the crafts of Chattisgarh. The Pithora painting is one of the most common traditional form of painting in Chattisgarh. These paintings are associated with the rituals and the painters take to their painting brushes usually during marriages, childbirth and other occasions.

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