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Wood Craft

Chattisgarh is reputed for the handcrafted items. The metal craft products and the traditional handcrafted items of Chattisgarh testify to the skill of the craftsmen and are a craze for the domestic as well as the foreign tourists who wish to keep some of these as keepsakes or souvenirs of their trip to the state. Trust to provide you with all you wanted to know about the wood craft Chattisgarh.

Wood craft is an ancient form of human craft whose exact origin is difficult to trace. The wood craft is not longer restricted to the decorative and beauty enhancing items but has been extended to utilitarian wares and even mundane items like pillars, doors and windows. The easy availability of wood acted as a major boost to the wood craft. The flourishing of wood craft in Chattisgarh can also be credited to this cause.

Chattisgarh wood craft endorses the exquisite craftsmanship of the Chattisgarh artisans who with their indubitable skills and artistry and creates magic with wood. The kind of wood is a determinant factor as far as the quality of a product is concerned. Among the most popularly used wood and those that are particularly favored by the Chattisgarh craftsmen are included shisham, teak, dhudi, sal and kikar. The wood craft of Chattisgarh extend to incorporate such items as pipes, masks, doors, window frames and sculptures. Whatever might be the product, they are characterized by a finesse that is rare to come by.

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