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Kochi (Cochin) Carnival, Kerala

(Last Updated 04 Aug, 2022)

  • Dates :

    25/12/2022 - 01/12/2023

  • Location :

    Kochi (Cochin)

The Cochin Carnival in Kochi brings great joy and delight to the people of Kerala. Kochi Fort is the center of all the merriment at the time of the Cochin Carnival. The people of Kerala welcome the new year with hope and harmony. This festival is a cultural reflection that is celebrated in the last week of December. This is one of the most admirable festivals in Kerala as it is a moment where all sections of people of this Multi-Ethnic town celebrate New Year's celebration together.

History of the Cochin Carnival in Kerala

The history of this grand feast dates back to the colonial era. Then, the Portuguese welcomed the New Year with great joy and enthusiasm. Even though the tradition of partying and merry-making has continued since 1984 witnessed a revival in the festivities. It heralded the beginning of celebrations on a grander scale.

Description of the Cochin Carnival in Kerala

Participation, Peace, Progress, Adventure, and Environment are the five major factors contributing to this vibrant fete's essence.

The ambiance of Kochi Fort is filled with cheerfulness when the Kerala Cochin Carnival is celebrated. It is impressively illuminated. Being the meeting ground of many people dressed in brightly colored clothes, the sight is a visual delight.

People thoroughly enjoy themselves by participating in various activities and games. Prizes are distributed to the winners, but the spirit of participating is of foremost importance at the Cochin Carnival. Many competitions like Beach Bike Race, Sea Swimming, Beach Football, and Beach Volleyball are held, and youngsters keenly participate. This colorful fiesta attracts the most significant number of New Year's Day visitors.

How is Cochin Carnival Celebrated?

On this day, a grand procession is taken out. Elephants in ornamental trappings are the chief attraction of this splendid parade. One can also witness the performances of talented folk artists in this magnificent pageant. The music created by the harmonious blending of five instruments called Panchavadyam is continuously played. The elaborate displays mounted on platforms are simply spectacular. People in fancy dresses are also to be seen in this charming rally.

Yet another unique feature of this festival is that even though it is celebrated in the south Indian state of Kerala, North Indian dances are an integral part of the procession.

Time to celebrate the Cochin Carnival in Kerala

This Carnival in Cochin, which is marked by unlimited fun and frolic, is held each year in the last week of December.

You can plan your South India tour at this time to be a part of this festival in Kochi. We provide well-curated Kochi tour packages that can be modified per your desires.

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