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Penang in Malaysia

Malaysia's Penang is divided into two central regions. One is Penang Island, and the other is Seberang Perai, Malaysia's mainland. Penang is an industrialized state with a thriving economy that is commercially progressive. So much so that it has been referred to as the Silicon Valley of the East and the Pearl of the Orient.

Old-world charm is very prevalent in Penang. The town still values and upholds long-standing traditions at its core, even though it is highly modernized today. Given the diversity of the local population, Penang is home to a large number of different languages. One of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage Sites is George Town. You may enjoy a breathtaking view of the shimmering coast as you navigate the city's streets.

Overview of Penang

Location Malaysia
Address By the Strait of Malacca off the northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia
Timings Sunrise to sunset
Height 830 Meters
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  • Explore the street art in George Town.
  • Witness the sunset at the suburb of Batu Ferringhi.
  • Envelope the beauty of nature by hiking to the lighthouse in Penang National Park.
  • Enjoy the Penang island's unique coffee culture.
  • Stroll on to the Clan Jetties, the floating villages. 
  • Make it to the top of Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera).
  • The street food in Penang is unparalleled. Try all the famous delicacies there.

Penang in Malaysia

You will find many places to visit in Penang, a place that is proud of its culture and is in love with the idea of exhibiting it in every way possible. Below are some of the top attractions:

Batu Ferringhi Beach

While on a leisurely vacation, you can experience an adrenaline rush at Batu Ferringhi Beach. Every visitor to this town in Penang is drawn there by the availability of water sports like jet skiing and parasailing.

Penang Butterfly Park, Entopia

Entopia Penang Butterfly Park needs to be on your list of things to visit in Penang if you last had the opportunity to reconnect with nature a while ago. More than 4,000 butterflies of roughly 150 varieties are kept on this farm.

Penang House of Music

It is not surprising that Penang places a lot of focus on showcasing its rich culture and legacy; one such location where one may connect with their musical past is the Penang House of Music. However, it becomes much more fascinating, given the existence of a resource center where music lovers can learn more about Penang's musical past.

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Penang is one of the best places to travel because of its affordable stays, delicious food, historical heritage sites, and friendly locals. Many tourists, like solo travelers, groups, families, and friends every year visit the place.

About Penang

Penang has many tourist attractions, including beaches, woods, temples, museums, etc. This region is well-known worldwide for its rich Chinese culture and customs. Due to the abundance of mouthwatering traditional meals found in practically any place in Penang, the locals believe it to be the cuisine capital of Malaysia.

Penang views tourism as its sole source of income. Thus it's simple to discover various lodging options, from opulent hotels to modest lodging. One of the main attractions in this area is the Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple.

All individuals who enjoy fishing will find Clan Jetties' water edges one of the best locations. One may enjoy the magnificent sunset while sitting down on a wooden walkway erected over the river. Adventure sports, including hiking, rappelling, canyon swinging, and others, can be done at the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest.

The unique aspect of Penang is that it provides a diverse range of activities for visitors to partake in. In addition, they can take a culinary tour to sample some of the famous and delectable local street food specialties available in this area.

While visiting Penang, one can shop at the local street markets and purchase traditional Chinese lamps and antique jewelry. In addition, numerous beaches in Penang are excellent and ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While in Penang, visitors can visit some National Parks and Adventure Parks to get a different perspective on the city than the standard sightseeing. Penang is perfect for a holiday with friends and family practically every season.

Interesting Facts about Penang

  • The second-smallest state in Malaysia is Penang.
  • The Malay word Pinang, which means the betel nut tree, is where the name Penang originates. Penang's original name, Pulau Ka-Satu or "First Island," was earlier changed to Prince of Wales Island on August 12, 1786, to honor the birth of the Prince of Wales, who would later become George IV.
  • Georgetown's capital was named after King George III of Great Britain. 
  • Penang is the birthplace of shoe designer Jimmy Choo, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd, known for its handmade women's shoes.
  • Penang is known for being the "food paradise" of Malaysia.
  • Penang has an equatorial climate with temperatures ranging between 72°F to 86°F and 70-90 percent humidity.
  • The "No Plastic Bag Day" campaign in Malaysia was first introduced in Penang.