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Kazan is a cosmopolitan city that boasts diverse religions and cultures. This city is situated at the confluence of the Volga and the Kazanka rivers of Russia. And it is also home to many tourist attractions and historical places that give great sightseeing experience. Indeed, you can explore watchtowers, museums, cathedrals, and pedestrian-friendly Bauman Street. Moreover, there are many restaurants, bars, bookshops, boutiques, and souvenirs shops. You can keep yourself busy throughout your visit by exploring these attractions. However, the Kazan Kremlin is the highlight of this city, which is counted as a famous tourist place in Russia.

Kazan is also home to the Qolärif Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Europe. Apart from that, the Volga River runs through the city, which is 3,700 kilometers in length. Moreover, this river has the title of the longest river in Europe. By touring this city, you can relish the authentic Tartar Cuisine. It is also the point where European and Asian cultures meet. Overall, your visit to Kazan gives you diverse kinds of experiences that you must save in your heart forever.

Overview of Kazan

Location Republic of Tatarstan, Southwest Russia
Founded 1005
Area  515.8 km²
Capital Republic of Tatarstan city of Republic
Elevation 60 m


  • Visit the historic citadel that is a UNESCO-listed Kremlin.
  • Stroll in Bauman Street and fill the good time in your heart.
  • Experience the culture at the Hermitage-Kazan Center in the city.
  • Explore the Museum of Soviet Life.
  • Plunge into the local atmosphere at the Central Market of Kazan.

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Kazan is a vibrant city of Russia that is suitable for every kind of tourist. Most interestingly, it is similar to most of the Indian cities.

About Kazan

Kazan is a super interesting city in Russia that has beautiful sights and a laid-back vibe. Kazan is an eclectic city that is situated at a place where the Volga meets the Kazanka River. Identically, it is the melting point where Eastern and European cultures unite with each other. From beautiful mosques to vibrant cathedrals, Kazan reflects the rich history of Tatar and Russia. Most interestingly, this glorious city is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia. You can easily lose yourself in the diversity of this city and admire the impressive architecture on your city tour.

It is the third capital of Russia and one of the main Russian cultural, religious, and industrial centers. Identically, you will get endless opportunities to indulge in fun and thrill throughout your Kazan tour. This impressive city is home to several historical sites such as Kazan's hilltop Kremlin, Kul Sharif Mosque, Annunciation Cathedral, and Suyumbike Tower. Apart from that, you can shop Matryoshka dolls, Tatar folk costumes, and other traditional stuff. If you are inclined towards artistic masterpieces, this city has a treat for you in the form of museums. You can visit the Soviet Lifestyle Museum to observe the ancient art and collections of communist kitsch. Kazan is situated at the confluence of two rivers here, you can enjoy the boat trip on the Volga River while admiring the leisurely views of the central Russian countryside. All in all, Kazan city of Russia is fully loaded with a bundle of experiences that you can enjoy with your close ones.

Interesting Facts about Kazan

  • The city Kazan of Russia is older than Moscow and one of the largest cities in the country.
  • Residents of Kazan speak Tatar and Russian, and these two languages have equal status.
  • This city of Russia is blessed with the largest mosque in Europe. Kazan city has one of the smallest metro systems that have only 10 stops.
  • The longest river in Europe runs through Kazan City.