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Switzerland Waterfalls

Switzerland waterfalls allow you to reconnect with nature and get a refreshing vibe. You can find here numerous waterfalls which allure you to indulge in plenty of fun-filled activities. Witnessing the alpine scenery surrounded by these waterfalls gives your eyes a delightful treat. Enjoying picnics, photography, relaxation, a village tour, and sightseeing near the falls are must-do activities. On top of that, the locations of the best waterfalls in Switzerland are rock faces, cliffs, plateaus, and valleys. And these natural elements make the waterfalls more appealing. Switzerland is also known for its unique landscapes, blessed with these natural flowing beauty. If you are still considering which waterfall you should visit while planning your tour in Switzerland, fret not. We have got you covered with the complete details about the waterfalls of Switzerland.

Overview of Switzerland Waterfalls

Best Time to Visit April to August
Things to do Picnic, sightseeing, bathing, photography
Required Time 3 - 4 hours (approx.) 
Famous Waterfalls Mürrenbach Falls, Trümmelbach Falls, Giessbach Falls, Rosenlaui Falls, Foroglio Falls
No. of  Waterfalls Around 150


  • You will experience the beauty of the scenic valley. 
  • Explore the villages and enjoy the sightseeing tour near the waterfalls.
  • Admire the scenic valleys and indulge in thrilling activities there.
  • Enjoy some picnic time with a picturesque background. 
  • Soak in the water and dip your legs in the natural swimming pool.
  • Interact with locals to get an insightful experience of the natural beauty of this region.

Recommended for 

Peace lovers and nature admirers will surely visit these waterfalls. However, it is a must-visit attraction for everyone and suits every theme vacation. You can plan your family tour, romantic trip, or adventurous holiday with friends; these waterfalls never disappoint. 

About Switzerland Waterfalls

Switzerland has various natural attractions, including rivers, mountains, lakes, etc. But the charm of waterfalls still fascinates travelers and is one of the most appealing parts of this country's tourism. Switzerland village waterfalls give you double chances to give yourself a sensational vibe. However, the geographical setting of some waterfalls ignites the spark of thrill. You can check the list below, which covers both kinds of waterfalls in Switzerland. 

Rhine Waterfall

The Rhine Falls Switzerland is something that reconnects you with peace and nature instantly. Moreover, this is also considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in Switzerland. Whether you are planning your romantic tour in Switzerland, an adventurous holiday, or a relaxation vacation, keep your eyes on the Rhine Falls Switzerland tour and enjoy the best of nature. These falls are counted as one of the largest ones that keep you engaged throughout your visit. On top of that, during your stay, you can take a boat ride for Rhine Falls with a circular route to admire the waterfall at the best angle. 

Trümmelbach Falls

Your Switzerland waterfalls tour seems incomplete without visiting this waterfall. It is considered one of the largest underground waterfalls in Europe. The source of this waterfall is the meltwater of the glacier of the Jungfrau Mountains. And the best part is that Trümmelbach Falls carry up to 20,000 liters of water every second. You would imagine the beauty and shade of water flowing in front of your eyes. The water speed is very high and as high as it can cut the mountains. Witnessing this waterfall full of its glory is a magnificent waterfall. 

Mürrenbach Falls

This is another gem of natural beauty that is located in Stechelberg. It is also known as Stechelberg Waterfalls and is one of the most captivating. On top of that, you can get the beautiful sight by taking a cable car. You can visit any time of the year as the water flow has not intervened, but the spring season is ideal to admire its beauty. During this season, the snow melts, making this waterfall a delightful sight. It is around 417 m above the ground, and the visual is commendable. You should surely visit this waterfall while taking a halt at Stechelberg.