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Coir and Coconut Shell Products

There are a few things which instantaneously come to our mind whenever we think of Kerala. Foremost among them are the lovely golden beaches, the beautiful backwaters, the Kathakali dancers and of course Coconut trees. The swaying palm trees lacing the beaches as well as the backwaters enhance the scenic beauty of this land. Actually Coconut is integrally related to the life of the people. It is one of the major ingredients of cooking and no worship is complete without an offering of Coconut. Parts of the same Coconut are use to produce beautiful handicrafts. The Coir and Coconut Shell Products constitute one of the major village crafts of Kerala.

Abundance of Coconut trees has contributed to the flourishing of this Kerala Craft. Coir is the product that is extracted from the protective covering of the coconuts. A large variety of products are made from Coconut Coir. The Coir Products include a variety of floor coverings, carpets, mats, rugs etc. Door Mats, flowered mourzouks and crush proof pile carpets also feature in the list. These Coir Products are not just useful, they are beautiful as well. They came in various hues and designs and serve to decorate your rooms.

A blend of this Coconut Coir and Latex produces Rubberized Coir which is used to make mattresses and cushions. The husk is drenched in the lagoons for at least ten months. What follows is beating it with wooden hammers to extract the golden fibers. Yarn is spun from these fibers in traditional spinning wheels known as ratts. Finally the yarn is dyed and weaved to produce floor coverings. The floor coverings enhance the beauty of your rooms and they are very nice to tread on.

The major centers of Coir Products are Alleppey, Kollam and Calicut. Kerala has made a name for itself in the manufacture of Coir Products. Coir Products from Kerala are in demand not only in the country but throughout the world.

It involves exceptional skill and caliber as well to carve the hard coconut shell and produce Coconut Shell Products. The craftsmen of Kerala have proved their dexterity in this field. One indeed marvels to know that the range of Coconut Shell Products in Kerala is vast. Some of the Coconut Shell Products are cups, flower vases, snuff boxes, sugar basins, nut bowls, powder boxes and spoons. Women even adorn Coconut Shell jewellery to bedeck themselves. Calicut district is best known for the Coconut Shell Products.

Whenever you visit the state of Kerala make sure to carry back home Coconut and Coir Shell Products. They are really unique and reflect the richness of Kerala craft.