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Kathakali Dance in Kerala

Kakkarissi Natakam Dance in Kerala is a satirical dance drama based on the characters of Hindu mythology. One of the unique dance forms of Kerala, this dance is based on contemporary issues, although the characters are from Hindu mythological stories. The Indian classical dance form of Kathakali, which is a significant genre, is known for its storytelling elements. It is a dance drama from Kerala in southern India. Like other Indian traditional dance forms, "Kathakali" uses spectacular facial and hand movements along with music and vocal performance to effectively convey the story to the audience.

Description of Kathakali Dance in Kerala

One of Kerala's most famous art forms, the Kathakali Dance, is the perfect blend of opera, ballet, and pantomime. The colorful land of Kerala has given this beautiful dance drama version. A 300-year-old art form is still nurtured in the heart of Kerala.

Considered to be one of the oldest art forms, the Kathakali Dance originated in Kerala. Elaborate and intricate makeup, heavy embellishments, and depictions of Indian epics make Kathakali Dance a class apart. Generally performed in the temples of Kerala, Kathakali depicts the stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

How is Kathakali dance in Kerala performed?

A "Kathakali" performance involves a variety of instruments, three of which are the "Itaykka," "Centa," and "Maddalam" drums. This type of classical art heavily incorporates music, which results in a variety of tones that set the scene and match the mood of the scene.

Why is Kathakali dance in Kerala famous?

The most exciting part of the Kathakali Dance is the makeup, where dancers adorn themselves with different colors that establish their character. The makeup is an elaborate process that takes most of the time in Kathakali Dance.

What is enacted in Kathakali Dance in Kerala?

From the rich kings to the disguised demons and hunters, Kathakali Dance depicts the stories of all the mythological characters with intricate eye movements and graceful steps. The dance drama involves actors, dancers, vocalists, and percussionists. The dance forms are mainly emotive rather than concentrating too much on the narration.

Masters of Kathakali Dance

An ancient dance form, Kathakali dance, was finally resurrected by Vallathol in 1932 by establishing Kalamandalam. The masters of Kathakali dance are Padmanabhan Nayar and Sadanam Balakrishnan.

Places to see Kathakali Dance in Kerala

  • Kerala Kalamandalam
  • Ernakulam Kathakali Club
  • Folklore Museum
  • Dr Devan’s Kathakali
  • Kairali Kathakali
  • Kerala Kathakali Center


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