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Mohiniyattam Dance Kerala

One of the traditional art forms of Kerala, the Mohiniyattam Dance, is one of the most beautiful dances in Kerala. This dance form has close resemblances to Bharatnatyam. Mohiniyattam is a type of dance in Kerala, initially practiced by Devdasis in the strict confinements of the temple. Through this dance, a woman expressed her love, which could be sensual, holy, and maternal—adorned by heavy embellishments.

How is Mohiniyattam dance in Kerala performed?

The Mohiniyattam Dance, presented through graceful steps and expressive eyes, is bound to attract the spectator. The lyrical movements and the emotive expressions are still considered a class apart in the Indian dance forms.

History of Mohiniyattam Dance in Kerala

The history of the Mohiniyattam Dance can be traced to the 16th century A.D., and Vallathol later revived it with the Kerala Kalamandalam. The origin of this unique dance in Kerala is in Hindu mythology. It is believed that Lord Vishnu took the disguise of Mohini to steal the elixir of life from the demons. This dance was quite popular during the Chera period from the 9th to the 12th century.

How is the Mohiniyattam Dance in Kerala performed?

The Mohiniyattam dancers give a solo performance donning the pristine white, golden-bordered traditional saree of Kerala.

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