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Mudiyettu Ritual Art Kerala

Mudiyettu is a ritual art form used to please Goddess Kali (also known as Durga in many other places), and it is frequently performed in Kochi and South Kerala. It also goes by the name Mudiyettu. The term "Mudi" alludes to the wooden or metal headdress worn by Kali, who has a face that inspires horror and wild hair. A ritual dance commemorating the victory of Goddess Kali over the demon Darikan is performed.

Where is Mudiyettu Ritual Art in Kerala performed?

Mudiyettu ritual art is primarily in Kerala's Central Region (Ernakulam and Kottayam). It is only performed by the Kuruppu or Marar populations in the state, and it is characterized by thick makeup, magnificent clothing with traditional facial paintings, tall headgear, and enormous decorations that add to the performance's otherworldly atmosphere.

History of Mudiyettu Ritual Art in Kerala

It is said that the ancient dance form of Mudiyettu has an origin that dates back to an age that preceded even the origin of temples in Kerala. Though its origin remains untraced, Mudiyettu is said to depict the fierce battle that Goddess Bhadrakali waged against the Asuras, Daarikan, and Daanavendran. Finally, the two vicious demons ended in the victory of the Goddess.

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