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Night Life in New Delhi

Delhi gives all the opportunity for party mongers to club and rock at night. Nightlife in Delhi is a best time for those who want to spend few hours away from the daily chores of life. Delhi is fast developing into a huge nightlife hub and there are numerous bars, clubs and lounges that are opening up in and around the city. New Delhi and the satellite towns of Gurgaon and Noida have many options available to those who would like to spend a night out in the city. Besides the restaurants and bars there are many cultural and social venues which organize frequent events.

The major nightlife venues in the city are either in the central or the sounthern part of New Delhi. The closing time for all places in New Delhi is 1 am as per the excise laws but there are some places that extend the deadline through special permission. In Gurgaon and Noida the rules are relatively less strict and many places stay open beyond 1 am. Many of these bars and clubs play international music mixed up with local bollywood tracks. There are some speciallity clubs/bars that play a specific genre of music. There are larger clubs in the city that hosts International DJ's and Artists on special nights so keep a tab on them you might just catch some one really big playing at the clubs here.

Some of the popular nightlife places in Delhi NCR are:

Blue Frog, Striker, Skooter (Hotel Samrat), Agni, Jynxxx, Anidra, F -Bar and Lounge, Quantum

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Blue Frog

Blue Frog is a modern structure with a futuristic decor located inside a traditional and old style layout of The Kila at Seven Style Mile. It was a fine place with comfortable sofas and cushions and at the same time tables and chairs if one wants to be a bit more formal. The walls are well decorated and the bar looks well stocked. The club is very tastefully done and has a lot of space unlike many other clubs/lounges in Delhi. Very well futuristic designing gives a feel of being in some kind of space ship. The lighting is very good and they have a good sized stage with a screen for projecting videos. The dance floor is also big and has tables at strategic places so the ones interested in dancing can stay on the floor and place their drinks near them. This is a good thing as the club can accommodate more people this way. Monday and Tuesday club is closed.
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Skooter is described as Great music, food, drinks and spacious dance floor. The decor could remind you of Ed Hardy with a pink and black fixation with a passion for bikes. Also its such a good place and that is all of Delhi comes here. They have some amazing music playing. They play all genres, but most importantly, they play music that is recognizable, music that actually sets your feet tapping. Great fun crowd as well.
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Strikers is one of the most sought after clubs in Gurgaon, where you see the whose-who of Delhi NCR and also 90% of the young generation present on a daily basis. The gaining points of Strikers are: freshly brewed beer, complementing snacks and dancing and singing with your friends on the latest on the music. It has a lot of the \"popular\" things going for it- a very electric environment, occasional line up of gigs, mass music and of course a never ending supply of booze.
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Jynxxx - Eros Hotel

Situated at Intercontinental Eros Hotel in New Delhi, Jynxxx is amongst the most exciting and fashionable venues that Delhi has to offer. Distinguished by its colorful and electrifying design, individually crafted VIP Lounges and spectacular digital dance floor, Jynxxx offers a vibrant nocturnal play ground to a discerningly chic and glamorous clientele, and a succession of high-profile celebrity guests. Jynxxx, for the very first time in India, use Apple I-Pads to present their eclectic food and drinks menu. To soothe eyes in a dimly lit environment, all the global cuisine menus are presented in this style. The innovative hydraulic DJ’s console boasts of an eleven feet long electrifying LED display, a thirty-five feet long lounge bar and a massive illuminated dance floor. Jynxxx is the first ever to host all of them under one roof.
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Traditionally, Agni means The Hindu god of fire and guardian of humanity. One goes to Agni not just to eat less, drink more, but to have fun, but one absolutely need to know the right time to go. Weekends are best from around 11-ish, the music starts up and everyone\'s dancing to DJ’s hits. The raised console reverberates along with psychedelic visuals from screens around and blinking cats eyes on the ceiling. Agni is really a one of a kind experience and definitely a pricey one. They make amongst the best mosa. Between the flaming Lambourghini shots and the bottle popping, the evening will turn out successful. Other specials are the Apple Martini and their exhaustive lists of single malts, wines, vodkas, bourbons etc.
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Anidra is set in the large space with a schizophrenic decor and an odd graffiti wall, Anidra (meaning sleeplessness) is a curious place. The long bar occupies centre stage overshadowing the small performance stage. Luxurious booths, bar stools, high tables and lounge seating are sprawled across the intimately lit room. Service is helpful, bartenders are knowledgeable and prices surprisingly reasonable. The Lemongrass Martini is sour and refreshing in contrast to the sweetness of the vodka and red grape laden Lady in Red. The Passion Fruit Mojito with its subtle, juicy aftertaste is the best of the lot. In bar snacks, their yellowtail makimono is elevated by a fresh pungent wasabi, while the beautifully battered Buttermilk Onion Rings and sinful cheese driven Mini Fried Calzone make for a hearty assortment. The music is pop and rap driven, but on weekends they host varied DJ\'s and will soon have a live band occupying the stage.
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F-Bar & Lounge

One of the best night clubs in Delhi, F-Bar has DJ music every night with events being held on large screens. Serving Exotic drinks, cocktails and choices wines from the cell. It is a very rocking place with some nice music loud and happening. Here the DJ plays music of everyone’s choice and you will feel comfortable with fashionable crowd at F-Bar & Lounge. The food is even nice at the buffet area.
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Quantm is the largest and the most happening club in Delhi NCR. The Main Floor at the Entry level of the club boasts of the biggest Bar of the club and the World’s Fastest & Most Powerful Body Sonic Dance Floor and Sound Level up to 100,000 watts. This club’s unique and unparalleled décor & concept is based to enhance moods, biorhythms & joy-factor. The other attraction is our Neutralize Bar which offers Cocktails, Rejuvenating Drinks, Fresh Juice & Sorbets including refreshing chillers, milkshakes & fizzes and Tapinayaki Grills.
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