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Sakleshpur Tour Packages

Are you planning on a romantic vacation in Karnataka? Just a little over 200 km is a quaint hill station named Sakleshpur. Located in the Hassan District of Karnataka, this hill station has been serving as the perfect vacation spot for a lot of people. Just an offbeat destination a couple of years ago, Sakleshpur has become one of the finest destinations of the state where people from around the state and nearby places visit.

Get wing to the cool climate, beautiful panoramic view, diversity of flora, and a lot of serene spots to enjoy; several families on vacation visit Sakleshpur. They spend their time in the calm environment and enjoy their family time before returning to their usual city grind.

If you too wish to plan a romantic trip to Sakleshpur, it won’t be a mistake. Just like the other hill stations of Southern India, Sakleshpur has a lot to offer to nature lovers and adventure junkies. From pleasant and calming weather to lofty green hills with pepper, cardamom, coffee, and areca plantation; this hill station is a gem to the state and a getaway destination for people. You can also go on a solo trip to Sakleshpur.Embark on a sakleshpur trip packages with us and explore this hill station with your family and friends.

Why is Sakleshpur Worth Visiting?

From taking a family trip to Sakleshpur to driving off to this serene hill station over an extended weekend; everything is worth doing. Beautifully tucked away in the lofty hills of Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is an ideal destination for solo traveling or with friends and family. If you are looking for something like this, then you can plan a trip to Sakleshpur.

It is the perfect place where you get the relaxation from your city grind and can rejuvenate yourself in a peaceful environment. Besides, like other hill stations, Sakleshpur is also dotted with trekking trails to Kumara Parvatha and Bisle Reserve Forest.

Not just this, if you love to visit historic monuments, ruins, and learn about the significance of the place, then also you can visit here. There are a lot of fascinating things in Sakleshpur and you can enjoy them all if you take a road trip to Sakleshpur from Bangalore.

Places to visit in Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is an interesting place where you can enjoy at a lot of places. Right from forest reserves to humungous forts, you have a lot of places to visit in Sakleshpur. Owing to the extensive number of attractions in its territory people love spending more time here. The place satiates all kinds of travelers. Here are the top-notch places where you can enjoy yourself when in Sakleshpur.

  • Manjarabad Fort: Dive into the history of Sakleshpur
  • The Bisle Reserve Forest: A place that brings you closer to nature
  • Kukku Subrahmanya Temple: Seek blessings and let off your Sarpa Dosha
  • Bisle Ghat: You are now entering the home of king cobra
  • Jenukal Gudda: Trek to the summit of the second highest peak in Karnataka

Take a Sakleshpur tour package and visit all the places listed above. In case you wish to explore more places, you can customize your tour package.

Things to do in Sakleshpur

Amidst the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka, the quaint hill station of Sakleshpur is a wonderful vacation spot. You can visit Sakleshpur with friends and family and enjoy your time to the fullest. There is a range of activities that can be enjoyed here depending upon your interest and the size of your group. Here are some of the ideal activities to do in Sakleshpur.

  • Hilltop camping
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Bonfire camping
  • Exploring the star-shaped fort
  • Praying at Sakaleswara temple
  • Railways bridge trekking
  • Bisle View Point sightseeing
  • Rejuvenating at Manjehalli Waterfalls
  • Take a stroll near Hemavathi River

These are the famous activities in Sakleshpur. Other adventure activities can also be included in Sakleshpur tour packages if you wish to participate in more activities.

Ideal For?

Such a pristine location of Sakleshpur makes it ideal for almost everybody to visit here. Moreover, people have been visiting here for a long time now and Sakleshpur has been satiating the hunger of all sorts of travelers and visitors. Blessed with a plethora of natural spots and panoramic sights, there is no denying that Sakleshpur is a wonderful place to be at. From solo travelers to with-family-goers; nature lovers to adventure seekers, this hill station is ideal for everyone.

Best Time to Visit Sakleshpur

Hill stations are preferred to visit during summers because it's the place where you can get the edge off from the scorching summer heat. Sakleshpur being a hill station has the peak season during summers but the best time to visit Sakleshpur is during winters. The reason why it is called ideal is that from November to February, the temperature is quite amazing and pleasing also the crowd is minimal during these months.

If you are a couple who wants to spend quality time together, winter is the best time to book Sakleshpur trip packages.

How to reach Sakleshpur

How to reach Sakleshpur is never going to be a concerning question for you because it is well connected by rail and road. If you prefer taking the rail, you can either board one from Mangalore or Bangalore.

Roads leading to this serene hill station are quite well maintained and you won’t face any problems in commuting if you prefer taking a road trip to Sakleshpur.

Accommodation in Sakleshpur

When it comes to accommodation options in Sakleshpur, you don’t have to worry about it. From lodges and homestays to resorts; you get every option that you would think about. Although the resorts are limited and mostly pre-booked throughout the year, you still can get your accommodation in any of the other available options. Homestays in Sakleshpur are also a good option with heartwarming people to talk to. Most homestays here will give you an absolute feel of a home. You can also get home-cooked fresh food and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Still, here are the best accommodation options at this hill station.

  • Megha Homestay
  • Karadikallu Homestay
  • Kadumakki Resorts
  • Robin Woods Homestay
  • Baalecool Nature Resort
  • Famers Son Camping Ground
  • The Karle Homestay
  • Agua
  • Eka Resort
  • Devagiri Retreat
  • The Malnad Times
  • The Hills

Where to eat in Sakleshpur

There are several eateries and restaurants in Sakleshpur, but the best food can be savored at the homestays available here. You can enjoy freshly cooked food with ultimate taste. So here are the best places to eat in Sakleshpur.

  • Nyritvilla Homestay
  • Mythri Restaurant
  • Hanbal chikki factory
  • Imperial Heritage
  • Surabhi’s Nx

General Tips

  • Over time a massive crowd has started to visit Sakleshpur and this number is ever-growing. Looking at this, locals have developed a lot of things for travelers.
  • There is an extensive list of adventure activities that a person can enjoy here at Sakleshpur.
  • You get an extensive number of homestays which can be your staying place. You get mouth-watering and healthy food with a comfortable bed.
  • Do taste the Malnad meal which is also their local cuisine. You will love it and enjoy it.
  • You can visit here throughout the year because the location of Sakleshpur makes it ideal for all seasons.
  • Make your backpack well. Keep moisturizing cream, hat, mosquito repellent, a shawl, and trekking shoes.
  • Although you don’t have to worry about the data connectivity because you are visiting here to enjoy the place and not with your phone. But the mobile networks are quite decent everywhere.
  • The entire Sakleshpur has things for everyone. You be a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or archaic lover, you will find your love.


List of Sakleshpur Holiday Packages

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Rosetta By Ferns


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5 Days Coorg Sakleshpur Package

4 N / 5 D

Bengaluru – Coorg – Sakleshpur - Bengaluru

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Best of Karnataka with Rosetta by Ferns

9 N / 10 D

Bengaluru – Sakleshpur – Hassan – Sakleshpur – Chikamaglur – Sakleshpur – Coorg – Bandipur - Mysore – Bengaluru

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FAQs about Sakleshpur Tour Package

Q: How many days are required to explore Sakleshpur?

Ans: The majority of Saklespur's attractions can be explored in a three to four day trip. So it’s recommended to book 3 days Sakleshpur tour packages.

Q: What are some of the best adventure activities to perform in Sakleshpur?

Ans: Some of the best adventure activities to perform in Sakleshpur are Jenukal Gudda Hill trekking, Bisle Ghat trekking, Raxidi estate tour, etc.

Q: What is the best time to visit Sakleshpur?

Ans: The best time to visit Sakleshpur is from October to March, as the weather is very dry and fresh, and the region receives no rainfall.

Q: What are some of the best adventure homestays during the Sakleshpur trip?

Ans: The best homestays during the Sakleshpur trip are Golden Wood Eco Resort, The Hills Resort, Huthouse Homestay, Stream Edge Homestay, etc.

Q: Is it worth it to book Sakleshpur tour packages?

Ans: Yes, it is always worth it to choose and book tour packages. They are equipped with all the basic facilities and are cheaper as well.