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Climate in Tamil Nadu

The climate of Tamil Nadu is heavily influenced by the geography of Tamil Nadu. Thus, to ascertain the type of climate you would have to face during your holiday in Tamil Nadu, you would have to know about the geography of the region you are traveling to. For example, the hills of Tamil Nadu are generally blessed with moderate temperatures during the day with cool nights.

On the other hand, the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu have very little differences in their summer or winter temperatures.

Mainly tropical, the climate of Tamil Nadu is known for its warm and humid summers and moderate summers. Temperatures have known to rise almost as high as 40 ° C. However, the proximity to the sea is beneficial in bringing moisture laden sea breezes into the land during the night, which brings a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the day.

April and May are the hottest months of the year, while the period between November to February is considered to be winter.

The period between july to october is considered as the Monsoons. The average annual rainfall of the region ranges from around 25 to 75 inches. This is a perfect time to arrange a tour to Tamil Nadu as the climate remains cool and comfortable and the monsoons add a special touch to the already picturesque locales of Tamil Nadu.