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Culture of Tamil Nadu

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the culture of Tamil Nadu is one of the main areas of pride in the heritage of India. Unique in the way it represents the artistic development in Tamil Nadu, the culture of Tamil Nadu is a storehouse of treasures. In fact the culture of Tamil Nadu also forms one of the important points of focus during a tour to Tamil Nadu.

The main areas of determining the culture of a region are:


Tamil is one of the richest languages in the world, with a literature that is considered to be one of the most endowed literatures in the world. The earliest mention of Tamil Literature dates back to the works of Thiruvalluvar which were written almost two million years ago. Besides this, the history of Tamil Nadu also provides enough evidence to suggest the existence of a united form of literature among all the major Tamil principalities, which is today known as Sangam literature.

Music and Dance

Music too, played an extremely important role in the Sangam Era and was regarded as a part of life by most people of Tamil Nadu. The music of Tamil Nadu still plays a pivotal role in culture of Tamil Nadu, with a number of genres of Tamil music still kept alive in the different regions of the state. Besides these, Tamil Nadu is one of the greatest propagators of Carnatic Music which is the term which is used to collectively refer to the classical music of the regions of South India. Added to these are the various dance forms of Tamil Nadu which are led by Bharatanatyam, which is said to have originated in Tamil Nadu.

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