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Culture of Tamil Nadu

Believed to be the descendants of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Tamilians have a lot to show for in terms of unique culture and tradition. Its unique artistic developments over the years make for a storehouse of treasures that bring tourists from afar. A multitude of factors exists that have long influenced the culture of the state. 


Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world; the earliest mention of Tamil Literature dates back to Thiruvalluvar's works, written ages ago. The history of Tamil Nadu literature displays the social, economic, political, and cultural trends of various periods. Sangam Literature (The earliest literature of South India) originated during the 2nd century BCE. It contained several collections of poets based on several genres, including war, love, social and moral values, and other aspects of life. Moreover, ancient literature can be segmented into three parts; the Sangam Period, the Ethical Literature Period, and the Period of Old Epics.

Music and Dance in Tamil Nadu

Music, too, played an extremely important role in the Sangam Era and was regarded as an irreplaceable part of life by the natives of Tamil Nadu. The music of Tamil Nadu still plays a pivotal role in the culture of Tamil Nadu, with a number of genres of Tamil music kept alive in the different regions of the state. In fact, Tamil Nadu is one of the greatest propagators of Carnatic Music, the renowned classical music from South India. Moreover, there are several dance forms practiced in Tamil Nadu, the major one being Bharatanatyam, which is said to have originated in Tamil Nadu.

People of Tamil Nadu

Tamil people value their culture and adhere to traditions, major components of them being religion and ancient traditions passed down over the centuries. Their festivals, food, art, and cultural activities are one of the most unique. One of the most iconic traits is their hospitality - how well they treat guests. The friendly nature of the people is the one thing that lets you open up with people with your whole heart. You can attend the festivals and stroll in the local region to learn more about the lifestyle and people of this state. 

Art & Architecture in Tamil Nadu

As already stated various times, the state is famous worldwide because of its glorious ancient temples, deep-rooted tradition, and cultural values. But the fusion of culture and art of Tamil Nadu lets you discover the connection between all these things. In addition, this state is dotted with several historical forts and modern architectural marvels, majorly belonging to medieval heritage and colonial history. Ancient Tamil architecture is one of the reasons that attract tourists globally. Brihadeeswara Temple and the Rock-cut Pallava Temples at Mahabalipuram for instance are widely famous and listed as World Heritage sites in Tamil Nadu.

Traditional Dress in Tamil Nadu

Lungi with a shirt and ‘angavastra’ is the traditional way of dressing for men in Tamil Nadu. Lungi is cotton clothes tied across the waist, and agnavastra is a cloth that men drape around the shoulder. Men can wear agnavastra with or without shirts. Besides, the Vibhuti on the forehead is also a part of the Tamil Nadu culture and tradition that men wear. On the other hand, women in Tamil Nadu mainly wear a Saree, a 5-6 yards rectangular clothes made up of fabrics including fabric, silk, and many more. In addition, the Kanchipuram Saree is mainly worn during the festival occasion. It is advised to dress appropriately while visiting the temples and any ritual sites in Tamil Nadu to appreciate the culture of Tamil Nadu. 

Tamil Cuisine in Tamil Nadu

There are numerous things in the state which position its tourism unlike any other in the world. The food culture of Tamil Nadu comprises of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Through your visit to Tamil Nadu, you will know that rice, lentils, grains, and vegetables are some of the main ingredients in Tamil cuisine. Rice is a staple food, and Sambhar with coconut chutney is served with almost everything. Moreover, you will notice that Tamilians still follow the tradition of eating meals served on the banana leaf. You will get various options in the local cuisines that would be a treat for your tummy. Idli, dosa, sambhar, vada, and upma are some of the best food options that you must try on your Tamil Nadu tour. For non-vegetarians, fish, turtles, mutton, and venison are ideal food options.

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FAQs About Culture of Tamil Nadu

Q: What is the culture of Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Tamil culture is unique with its rich and glorious heritage, inviting tourists from all across the world to give a tremendous insightful experience. The culture of Tamil has the tenets of Hinduism at its core and attracts numerous visitors throughout the year. The state is also considered one of the biggest centers where traditional Hinduism is practiced. Ancient temples, art forms, architecture, and festivals display its culture's significance.

Q: Why is Tamil culture important?

Ans: Being one of India's most visited cultural tourist places, Tamil Nadu gives you many reasons to visit at least once in your life. The state still preserved the vibe of spirituality as the core of life and followed the age-old rituals. In short, Tamil is a beautiful tourist destination that still reflects the value of tradition and culture ethically.

Q: What are Tamilians famous for?

Ans: Tamilians are widely popular in hospitality and still follow old-age rituals in their daily lifestyle. They put the visitors first, then themselves, to pay respect. They are very friendly, welcome you with an open heart, and let you indulge in the lifestyle to learn about the tradition. Apart from that, the people of Tamil are famous for celebrating the rituals and festivals full of zeal throughout the year. Moreover, the craftsmanship of Tamilians is widely popular and deserves more praise than anything else.

Q: What is the art and culture of Tamil Nadu?

Ans: The art and culture of Tamil Nadu are connected with spirituality that reflects in the ancient temples. Art like Thanjavur's paintings is the finest example of this state - of art. There are many other such examples. Also, the presence of ancient temples, architecture, art forms, and festivals are major aspects of Tamil Nadu culture.

Q: What is the dress of Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Men's traditional dress in Tamil Nadu is a lungi with shirts and angavastram. These are essential elements of attire in Tamil Nadu for men. On the other hand, the saree is essential for traditional clothing for women in Tamil Nadu with different fabrics and designs. However, Kanchipuram Sarees are often worn on the festival occasion in this vibrant state of India.