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Cuisine of Tamil Nadu

The cuisine of Tamil Nadu deserves special mention because of the rich taste of the culinary items. Many items of Tamil Nadu cuisine are accredited internationally and are unique in their own ways.

Ingredients of the Cuisine of Tamil Nadu:

The main ingredients of Tamil Nadu cuisine is hot spices which accompanies almost every dish that comes in mouth watering varieties. The medium of cooking is generally coconut oil which is available in plenty at Tamil Nadu.

A typical Tamil Nadu meal consists of steamed rice, lentils, grains and vegetables. This food is taken almost by every household member. But in special occasions there are special menu that are prepared with great care and concern.

This menu consists of hot and spicy mutton or chicken or fish dishes that are exclusive and delicious. One of the special food is Paya which is a type of spiced trotter broth and taken with parathas and Appam.

Idly is one of the favorite Tamil Nadu food item. It includes the lentils dried until crispy and it is sprinkled over the vada in order to impart taste to them. Some other food items include the sambhar, chutneys, curries, cooked mutton and also some of the exquisite Dhosa including the Masala and Plain Dhosas.

There are few refreshing drinks of Tamil Nadu and this includes the famous cocoa drinks, tea and coffee which are brewed here. Pan is also given at the end of your meal. It is added with numerous other additives to make it taste good and after a whole meal you would like to have a pan inside your mouth for sure! Pongals, Upuma are some of the famous South Indian Foods.

Conclusion to Cuisine in Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is famous for its rich collection of temples and monuments. They belong to the ancient Pallavas, Cholas and the Chalukyas who reigned for a sufficiently long time in South India.

To enhance their glorious footmarks in the rock cult temples, the people of Tamil Nadu welcomes you with their delicious cuisine which you would love to taste. Foods of Tamil Nadu are mouth watering and a visit to Tamil Nadu would make you feel that.

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