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Wildlife in Kerala

The Western Ghats on its east and the Malabar Coast on its west, adorned with the emerald backwaters and exotic spice plantations, Kerala is blessed with a riotous variety of flora and fauna. Topped up with indigenous traditional cultural practices and art forms, Kerala is increasingly gaining momentum as a popular tourist destination all over the world. Showered with an eternal sunshine, Kerala- God's own country is a nature lovers' paradise. The lush tropical evergreen rain forests still largely miraculously unspoiled in Kerala, support a rich array of land, marine and avian wildlife.

Wildlife Tours to Kerala

The evergreen rain forests of Kerala are home to a large number of large and small sports. Internationally popular among wildlife enthusiasts and photographers much of the forest lands in Kerala have been turned into reserve forests and wildlife sanctuaries for the conservation of the wildlife in these areas. These sanctuaries and national parks are thronged by elephants, tigers, leopards, jaguars, deer, monkeys, Malabar squirrels, hornbills, kingfishers and many more which make them excellent wildlife vacation sites.