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Thiruchendur Beach Tamil Nadu

On the southern tip of Tamil Nadu, a small coastal town named Thiruchendur or Tiruchendur hosts a plethora of people. Some people visit here owing to its proximity to Kanyakumari. Nevertheless, this beautiful coastal town has a lot of things to offer from a wide range of cuisines to breathtaking views of the coast.

Thiruchendur is popular for the Lord Murugan temple and the other pilgrimage destinations located in the beautiful Gulf of Munnar. Also known as one of the best temple towns in South India, Thiruchendur houses some of the most beautiful and intriguing designed temples attracting people from around the country.

Interesting insight on Tiruchendur

The prime destinations of this place include the Murugan Temple, Dattatreya’s Cave, and Valli’s Cave. That’s not it, apart from the temples; Thiruchendur also houses a number of attractions like Melaputhukudi, Panchalankurichi Fort, Tuticorin, Kuthirai Mozhitheri, Punnai Nagar, and Vanathirupathi. These are forts and other heritage sites that exist in the territory of Thiruchendur. To make it even better this mesmerizing Tamil Nadu destination is surrounded by coastal forests making it a paradise for even nature lovers.

Tiruchendur has also been traversed by adventurers looking for some thrilling hiking trails, and all along the coastal region, one can find rich vegetation of tropical plants, palm trees, and cashew plants. This is not it, this town has an ancient existence and can be seen being referred to in the pre-Christian era’s texts. If you were to believe the legends, people here believe that Lord Murugan killed the Surampadman demon here in this town.

Places to visit in Thiruchendur

There is an extensive list of places to visit in and around Thiruchendur. Be it temple hopping or visiting the archeological sites, people enjoy every bit of this coastal town. Here are some important places that one should visit during their trip to Thiruchendur.

Temples in Tiruchendur

Just like any other city, town, or village in Tamil Nadu, Tiruchendur is also dotted with some amazing temples. Where some of them have a lot of historic significance, others are simply marvelous with their design and carvings. Nevertheless, all the temples in Tiruchendur are of utmost importance and significance for locals as well as travelers. Here are some important temples of the city you should not miss out on while visiting this coastal town.

  • Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
  • Melaputhukudi Ayyanar Temple
  • Vanathirupathi Temple
  • Ayyanarsunai Temple
  • Ettayapuram Temple
  • Kazhugumalai Jain Temple
  • Thiruchendur Arch

Beaches and Natural Attractions

Situated on the Southern Tip of Tamil Nadu and India, Tiruchendur is a wonderful destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are loads of places where beach lovers and nature lovers can visit. This includes the beaches in the coastal region of the town, the arid forest, and vegetation along the coast. Here are the places that you can visit if you love spending time at beaches and other similar places.

  • Kudirai Mozhitheri
  • Kayalpatnam Beach
  • Tiruchendur Beach
  • Subrahmanyam Swamy Kovil Beach

Important villages around Thiruchendur

The coastal town of Thiruchendur is dotted with several important attractions but this is not all that's on offer. The town is surrounded by several important and historical villages that house a lot of attractions. Their proximity to Thiruchendur makes it accessible and that’s one of the most prominent reasons that steers people to visit these places. Most of the heritage or historical sites in these villages are ancient and hold a lot of significance amongst the devotees and archeological survey doers. If you too feel interested, here is the list of places you should put in your itinerary.

  • Kulasekaranpattinam
  • Korkai Village
  • Manapad coastal village
  • Meignanapuram ancient village
  • Navakailayam historic destination
  • Navathirupathi historic destination

Other important and intriguing places in Thiruchendur

Apart from all the above-mentioned attractions and destinations in and around Thiruchendur, travelers can enjoy visiting a lot of other places that include archaic sites, churches, caves, waterfalls, and so on. These places offer a plethora of serenity and spots where you can relax and have fun with your friends, family, and partner.

  • Panimaya Matha Church
  • Adichanallur (Archaic site)
  • Kayathar memorial point
  • Panchalamkurichi Fort
  • Valli’s Cave
  • Kattabomman Memorial Fort
  • Nazhi Kinaru pilgrim spot

Best time to visit Thiruchendur Beach

The coastal town of Tamil Nadu shares a climate like all the other regions along the coast. The best time to visit Thiruchendur is between October and February during winter. Between these months, the temperature remains cool and comfortable to explore the entire town and its nearby areas. With humidity in control and a pleasant breeze blowing throughout the day, you would have a great time when it comes to enjoying yourself here. Be it a trip with your family, partner, or friends; it is going to be a great one.

How to reach Thiruchendur

Thiruchendur is well connected with its neighboring cities and towns via road, rail, and airways. Its closeness to the Southernmost of the country (Kanyakumari) makes it a vital tourism destination and an important place for locals too. Here is a bit more insight about how to reach Thiruchendur so that you can plan your trip better.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Thriuchendur is the Madurai International Airport which is approximately 172 km from the coastal town. Flights from all parts of the country ply to this airport that makes it easier for people to travel here. Being an international terminus, finding a bus, cab, or intercity taxi is not difficult. You can find it at any hour of the day.

By Rail: Tiruchendur Railway Station is the nearest of all and this is the best way to travel to this coastal town. This railway station is approximately 1.3 km from the city center so you don’t even have to worry about commuting any further.

The connectivity of this coastal town with all the other nearby places including Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, and others is smooth. If you wish to take a road trip from any of the nearby destinations or even think of taking a bus; it won’t be a wrong discussion. Multiple buses ply every day to and from the above-mentioned destinations. You can opt for taking any of the buses and then commute to the destination.

Things to do in Thiruchendur

With such an extensive list of places to visit, there is no denying that people get to enjoy a lot of things here. If you are planning on visiting Thiruchendur, your first task will be to list down places where you wish to visit. After that, you need to look for interesting things that can be done. If you are confused, we have the best things to do in and around Thiruchendur.

  • Explore the Valli’s Cave
  • Offer prayers at Thiruchendur Murugan Temple
  • Visit the Kayathar memorial point
  • Pay your visit at Nazhi Kinaru pilgrim spot
  • Enjoy at the amazing Manapad coastal village
  • Take a stroll at the wonderful and peaceful Tiruchendur Beach  

Accommodation options in Thiruchendur

Owing to the fact that a lot of tourists visit here each year and that too throughout the year; there are a lot of accommodation options in the coastal town. If you are visiting here consider these options for your stay.

  • Chakravathi Inn
  • Vairavel Residency
  • Hotel Chitra Park
  • Hotel Alakan Residency
  • Chendur Residency  

Restaurants in Thiruchendur

The number of options available in terms of cuisines in Thiruchendur is also endless. You get to enjoy a lot of things to eat while in Thiruchendur. Here are the best places where you can go to enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies during your stay.

  • Hotel Kavery
  • Kumar Tasty Parotta Stall
  • Buhari
  • Hotel Ramesh Iyer Veg Restaurant
  • New Buhari hotel Tiruchendur

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