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V.G.P. Golden Beach Tamil Nadu

Approximately 40 km from Mahabalipuram and just 21 km from Chennai Central Railway Station on the East Coast, is the beautiful and serene V.G.P Golden Beach. The Golden Beach is revered for its cleanliness and beauty in and around the place. Hordes of tourists visit here every year especially during winters and enjoy the serenity here.

Nevertheless, VGP is one of the most sought-after destinations in Chennai for families and couples on honeymoon. This beach is also important because it is a part of the VGP Universal Kingdom that has one of the most popular amusement parks.

Insight into the V.G.P. Golden Beach

The cleanliness and beauty of this beach is not the only thing that makes it so important and popular. VGP is an appealing part of the entire coastline shared by the Bay of Bengal with any state. Apart from being picturesque, VGP is also a charming and serene beach with silver smooth sand all over its territory. While you visit this beach anytime in the year, you will certainly find couples enjoying their time listening to the sweet beach song.

Not only this, owing to its pristinity, serenity, and beauty, VGP is often used as a shooting location. If you visit here do not forget to visit the attached water-based adventure park (theme park). It is one of the most popular and many believe it to be one of a kind. While you visit the park, there are a plethora of things to enjoy apart from taking the joy rides at multiple water riding sections.

Location of VGP Golden Beach (VGP Kingdom)

The VGP Golden Beach is a part of the VGP kingdom and the location is as follows.

VGP Universal Kingdom, East Coast Road, Chennai

Best time to visit V.G.P. Golden Beach

Although you will find people visiting this beach throughout the year, the best time to enjoy it here is during the winters. Owing to its locations the temperature never becomes so cold that it freezes, rather it comes comfortable during winters. So the best time to visit VGP Golden Beach is between October and February.

Timings of entire Kingdom

The entire park including the beach remains open between 11.00 AM and 07.30 PM

How to reach V.G.P. Golden Beach

The VGP Golden Beach is a quite comfortable distance from the city. Its proximity to the Chennai city central makes it comfortable for the visitors to reach here. You can take a rickshaw, taxi, or auto to reach the VGP kingdom. Here is more insight on how to reach the beach.

  • By Air:

Even if you choose to travel to Chennai via flight, it won’t be problematic at all. The nearest airport to the VGP Golden Beach is Chennai Airport and it is just 20 km apart. You can again opt for any of the modes of transportation. Be it a bus, taxi, or rickshaw.

  • By Rail:

Chennai Central Station is the nearest railway station to the beach which is only 23 km apart. You can take a rickshaw, taxi, auto, or even a bus to reach here.

  • By Road:

The VGP Universal Kingdom is well connected with nearby cities like Mahabalipuram and others. You can travel to this beach via road as well. There are several intercity and interstate buses that ply daily making it convenient for a person to travel here.

Places to visit near V.G.P. Golden Beach

VGP Golden beach is popular for a lot of reasons and the entire kingdom has multiple places to visit. It is not only a favorite attraction for couples or families. Multiple travelers and a group of friends also visit here each year to enjoy their time in the peaceful and electrifying environment of the beach and its other areas. Some of the attractions of VGP Golden Beach include:

  • 2000 millennium VGP tower
  • Paneer Fort
  • Stute Man
  • VGP amusement park
  • Petting Zoo
  • The VGP shoreline
  • Snow Park
  • Ashtalakshmi Temple
  • Phoenix Marketcity
  • Cholamandal Artists’ Village
  • The Aqua Kingdom

Things to do while visiting V.G.P. Golden Beach

When it comes to things to do in VGP Golden Beach, you can take a stroll on the sand, relax, and enjoy the scenic beauty. But other than that, there are several other things to do here and people do enjoy and love all of that. So, while visiting here, this is the list of things that you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Roller Coaster ride
  • London Bull riding
  • Go-karting
  • Taking a trip to the horror house
  • Enjoying at the Top Gun
  • Tea Cup ride
  • Mermaid ship
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Dashing Car
  • Carousel
  • Rain dance
  • Water Chute
  • Float side
  • Tornado

This is just a small list of things that can be enjoyed at the beach. There are many more exciting things that await you.

Accommodation near the Golden beach

Majority people prefer living around the beach so that they do not miss out on the view during dusk or dawn. If you wish to stay near VGP Golden Beach, here are the options where you can stay.

  • Ibis Chennai OMR
  • Novotel Chennai OMR
  • MGM Eastwoods East Coast Road
  • Vivanta Chennai IT expressway OMR
  • Aloft Chennai OMR IT Expressway

Travel Tips:

  • Please follow the safety rules and keep a watch on children.
  • Every child should be equipped with safety guards.
  • Do follow the age criterion before taking your children on any ride.
  • It is prohibited for pregnant women and sick people to take the dangerous rides.

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