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Shopping in Andhra Pradesh

Shopping in Andhra Pradesh is a truly delightful experience. The exclusive jewelry, the handicrafts, the silver artwork, exquisite weaving, wooden as well as brass carvings are specialities of Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad is well known for the exclusive pearls found there. The pearls of the region are well formed and different from the ones found in any other location in India.

Some of the well known fabrics of the southern state are Himroo, Ikkat and Uppada. Mangalgiri Saris are extremely well known for its textile.

Kalamkari is a particularly famous artwork on textile of Andhra. It is a pen painted fabric. The painting is influenced by Indian mythology.

Bajara is another popular form of artwork. It is an art where little mirrors of different shapes are used to embellish clothes and other materials.

The handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh are made by extremely well trained and talented artists. They emphasize the exclusivity of the craftsmen of Andhra.

Some of the popular places to purchase the handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh and other local items are the Government Emporiums, the Arts and Crafts Village and important markets like the Laad Market in Hyderabad. These shops are reliable and sell the best quality products at a reasonable price.


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