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Silver Filigree Work

Filigree is a special form of jewel work which comprise of curling, twisting and plaiting malleable metal threads and uniting them with the contact points or the ground, and silver filigree is a special art by itself. Silver Filigree Work, which is crafted in puru metal in Andhra Pradesh is an important craft in the state, well known for the intricate designs and modern patterns made out from thin silver wires. Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh has been the traditional center of the Silver Filigree Work.

History of Silver Filigree Work

In older times, when machines were not yet used, the pure silver ingots were beaten on an anvil after which they were elongated and made into long thin wires. This was done by passing it through a steelplate-wiregauge. Karim nagar in Andhra Pradesh has been noted for the silver filigree work since a long time. It is for this reason that designs with high level traceries is called karim Nagar designs. The most popular product of silver filigree work in karim Nagar, Andhra Pradesh is the perfume container.

The craftsmen behind the silver filigree work in Andhra Pradesh work with elaborate and detailed designs using lace like filigree work and remarkable traceries. Apart from intricate jewelry, these crafts, with the help of silver filigree work also make refined perfume containers, "pan daans", "hookas", jewel boxes and other decorative pieces such as trays, ciggarate cases, key chains. There are also spoons, bowls, ashtrays and different shaped perfume containers which are made from silver filigree work. The process of silver filigree work starts by putting pure silver ingots through a wire drawing machine. But the thin wires are still flattened and twisted in the old techniques today. These thin silver wires are looped in different patterns are soldered together. The fine designs are made with the twisted wires.