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Crafts of Andhra Pradesh

The rich and diverse culture of the state of Andhra Pradesh finds expression in various ways. It is sometimes mirrored in the fairs and festivals that are celebrated in the state and at other times in the various dance and musical shows that are put up by the talented artistes of the state. The Crafts of Andhra Pradesh also manifests in a fine manner the rich cultural tradition of the land.

The Crafts of Andhra Pradesh are remarkable for their beauty and variety. However it is not that they are just aesthetically appealing, they have a great deal of utilitarian value as well. Over the years, the Crafts of Andhra Pradesh have grown and presently they are full fledged industries in themselves. Some of these Crafts of Andhra Pradesh originated in the state itself whereas some of them were brought along by the people who came to this land. It was later improved upon in this state.

The skills displayed by the craftsmen of Andhra Pradesh has earned them name and fame world wide and currently much of the Crafts of Andhra Pradesh are highly in demand throughout the world. Some of the Crafts of Andhra Pradesh that are noteworthy are:

  • Bidriware: This craft involves delicate silver inlaying on metal.
  • Ettikopakka Toys: These toys are made of lacquer and generally resemble household articles like furniture.
  • Leather Puppets: The small village of Nimmalakunta is well known for its leather puppets. Goat and sheep skin is used for the basic structure and they are then beautifully decorated with designs and colors.
  • Kondapalli Toys: The toys named after the Kondapalli district of Andhra Pradesh are made of soft wood and are very beautiful to look at.
  • Warangal Carpets: Made of handspun wool and jute thread, the Warangal carpets are beautifully designed.
  • Silver Filigree Work: Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh is well known for this craft of making objects with silver.
  • Kalamkari Work: Beautiful designs are painted with natural dyes on cotton or silk fabric.
  • Woodwork: Several varieties of wood are used to make many choiceable objects particularly in the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Bead Embroidery: Colorful beads are used to decorate saris and blouse pieces. This increases to a great extent the splendor of the saris.