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Arts and Crafts in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has gained tremendous prestige and importance in the past years for its brilliant contribution in the field of music, dance such as Dhimsa, Kolattam, LambadiBhama Kalapam Kuchipudi DanceButta BommaluVeeranatyam and drama like Burrakatha.Three kinds of people live at Andhra Pradesh, and they all have contributed to the fields of Arts and Crafts in Andhra Pradesh to make it one of the principle states in India. They include the original inhabitants, hill dwellers and tribal people. They have designed their own dances and in course of time these dances have won the hearts of millions across the world. Dance as an art form in Andhra Pradesh can also be classified as Social Dance, Religious Dance and Dance as a pastime. Apart from its dance form, artifacts such as leather and wooden items or work of Andhra Pradesh have gained recognition across the globe.

Arts of Andhra Pradesh: 

Kuchipudi owes its origin to the state of Andhra Pradesh and is a delightful performing art. The Peacock Dance of the Khonds deserves special mention. The Peacock Dance of the Khonds who are the mostly the backward people of the hill tribe perform this dance to celebrate a marriage festival which falls in the month of April.

The Pirodi Dance accompanied with flute and bells is charming and vibrant. There is no musical accompaniment to the dance. White Dhotis swings around the waist of the dancers and create a soothing effect to the eye; tinkling bells in their anklets keeps the rhythm. These anklets are also known as Muyyangam. Tubans worn in heads makes the Pirodi dancers more vibrant and energetic.

While the Peacock dancers moves in circles the audience's the mind immediately recognizes the impression of peacocks spreading their canopies of multihued feathers. The Mango Dance also deserves special mention. It is the dance of the tribal people residing in the Bison Hills.

Crafts of Andhra Pradesh: 

Andhra Pradesh includes the Hyderabadi Pearl that comes with a variety of designs and Birdi Wares. These are exquisite flower vases of different shapes and sizes. The Metal Casting in Dokora style that is mostly used in designing bells is popular throughout the country as well as abroad. The most important is however the hand knitted carpets. They are popular and expensive for their rich designs. The Brass Icon of Nataraja Tirupati is perhaps the emblem of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from all these crafts items in Andhra Pradesh numerous items such as BonaluBidriwareBead Embroidery,Tappeta Gullu, Folk Painting, stone studded elephant, Kalamkari Painting and Siler Filgree and Wooden Carvings are also found. 


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