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Holi in Gujarat

(Last Updated 16 Sep, 2022)

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    08/03/2023 - 08/03/2023

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Festival of colours, Holi is celebrated with great fanfare in the Gujarat state of India. Falling on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna, Holi is a major Hindu festival and marks the agricultural season of the Rabi crop.

Festival of Holi is celebrated with much gaiety and fanfare in the Gujarat state of India. The festival is marked by sprinkling of colored water and applying gulal on each other. Bonfire is also lit in the main squares of the villages, localities and colonies. People collect at the time of bonfire and celebrate the event, which is symbolic of the victory of good over evil by singing and dancing.

There are many stories associated with the origin of Holi. For some Holi marks the day when devotees of lord Vishnu, Bhakt Prahlad who was seated on the lap of demoness Holika was saved from the effect of the fire by God and instead the demoness got burnt. For others the festivals relate to the death of demon Putana at the hands of lord Krishna while some associate the festival with the worship of Karma, God of pleasure and destiny.

Holi is basically a harvest celebration, marking the end of winter and bonfires are lit marking the ending of evil. Dhulendi, which is celebrated on the next day, involves fasting, feasting and throwing of colour and water on each other.

Holi is celebrated in great style and enthusiasm in Gujarat by all. It also one of the most important festivals for the tribals of Gujarat. The fun and excitement of the ‘festival of colors’ is grandly celebrated all over India. Do not miss to attend Holi in Rajasthan, Holi in Uttar Pradesh and Holi in Barsana for other exhilarating experiences.

Holi Celebrations in Other Parts of India

Barsana Holi

Holi celebrations in Barsana are among the most unique festivities in India. In the spirit of fun, smearing of colors, drenching in water and mock fights. According to legends, Barsana was the birthplace of Radha, the consort of Lord Krishna. As the fables narrate, the lord used to come from his home-town Nandgaon to tease Radha and the Gopis.

The tradition continues till date. Men from Nandgaon come to Barsana to play and the women greet them with sticks (lathis). The unique spectacle is known as Lathmaar holi. The abundance of sweets, bhang and the festive spirit enhance the thrill.

Holi in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, like the rest of India, dips in the celebration of Holi by welcoming the spring season. Call it the festival of love or colors the state knows how to mix ritual and other ancient traditions with a final touch of royalty. What's even unique is the way different parts of the state giving the festivities their own different vibe. While Mali and Gair Holi are distinct to Ajmer, Brij Holi to Bharatpur, Bikaner rejoices the colorful time of the year by playing Dolchi Holi.

Holi Gujarat

Gujarat celebrates Holi with a unique fervor. The most famous tradition is the breaking of the earthen pot full of buttermilk. This ritual comes from the tales where Lord Krishna used to tease and break pots of the milkmaids. A pot full of buttermilk is tied high on a rope. To get to the heights, people form a human pyramid. While the young boys form the pyramid, people throw colored water on them. There are competition among groups to win this prize. During the festival people rejoice with the play of colors, gorging on sweets while drenched in festive spirits.

Holi in Santiniketan

Drenched in the mesmeric charms of spring, Holi in Santiniketan is a celebration of love, fun and art. The onset of the season of spring calls for the occasion of the Basant Utsav. The loving abode of Rabindranath Tagore, Shantiniketan is seen transformed in festive mood as he had started the ritual years back. The very ambiance is of fun and the oncoming delights of the spring.

Colorful traditional attire, play of dry colors, dance, music, sweets and more create wonderful joy. The occasion is made special with the tunes of Baul singers and their melodies hums of 'Ektara'-the musical instruments.

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