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Arts and Crafts in Gujarat

In the state of rich culture and tradition, the Arts and Crafts of Gujarat are of immense importance from aesthetic as well as commercial point of view. On a Tour to Gujarat, one may find that due to the coastal base of the state, trade flourished far and wide up to the western quarters of the world and the arts and crafts have ever since established their potency all over the world.

The Arts and Crafts of Gujarat include :

  • embroidery
  • printing
  • wood carving
  • stone work
  • jewellery

Embroidery among the Arts and Crafts of Gujarat is the most widely ranged genre and Patola embroidery stands out as the prime embroidery type. It is created by weaving with silken yarn in geometric motifs and greatly used for trousseau, it is a pride of the state of Gujarat.

The Surat based 'zari' industry is extremely popular among all and sundry. It produces threads of gold, silver, imitations of the same and creates embroidery like Chalak, Salama, Kangiri and Tiki. Kutch based Kathi embroidery is more of appliqué work, stitched essentially on black silk or satin with herring bone stitches and some mirror work as well.

Stitched on silk or satin, the Ari embroidery is an old form of the genre, where an awl is used instead of the usual needle creating heavy colorful designs.

Abhala is the mirror work where small mirrors are stitched onto the fabrics to give a glittering effect to the embroidery.

Block Printing is mostly of resist form here, done by using mud, clay, dyes and wooden blocks.

All the above cloth work are applicable on sarees, bed spreads, cushion covers, etc. Also, Toran (doorway hanging), Chakla (embroidered furniture covers), Bhitiya (wall hangings) are specialities of Gujarat.

Wood carving is extremely elegant woodwork, undergoing a process of laborious etching into country woods creating beautiful designs of animals, trees, flowers on lamp shades, toys, showpieces. Also inlay work is done with agate, a varied colored material and mostly got in Khambhat.

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