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Arts and Crafts in Gujarat

The arts and crafts of Gujarat are of immense importance from aesthetic and commercial points of view due to its rich culture and tradition. On a tour of Gujarat, you may find that due to the coastal base of the state, trade flourished far and wide up to the western quarters of the world, and the arts and crafts have ever since established their potency all over the world. Embroidery among the arts and crafts of Gujarat is the most widely ranged genre, and Patola embroidery stands out as the prime embroidery type. It is created by weaving with silken yarn in geometric motifs and is extensively used for trousseau. To know more about the Traditional art of Gujarat, you can check out the following details. 

The Arts and Crafts of Gujarat Include

  • Embroidery
  • Printing
  • Wood carving
  • Stonework
  • Jewelry


It is a pride of the state of Gujarat. The Surat-based 'zari' industry is prevalent among all and sundry. It produces threads of gold and silver and imitations of the same and creates embroidery like Chalak, Salama, Kangiri, and Tiki. Kutch-based Kathi embroidery is more of appliqué work, stitched on black silk or satin with herringbone stitches and some mirror work. Stitched on silk or satin, the Ari embroidery is an old genre form, where an awl is used instead of the usual needle, creating heavy, colorful designs. Abhala is the mirror work where small mirrors are stitched onto the fabrics to give a glittering effect to the embroidery. 


Block Printing is mostly of resist form here, using mud, clay, dyes, and wooden blocks. Apart from that, various printing modes also reflect the Folk art of Gujarat. 

Wood carving

Wood carving is exquisite woodwork, undergoing a process of laborious etching into country woods, creating beautiful designs of animals, trees, and flowers on lampshades, toys, and showpieces. Also, inlay work is done with agate, a varied colored material mostly found in Khambhat. 


The stonework of Gujarat has a connection with history and artistic sensibility. These things reflect architectural beauty and combine ancient Hindu and Jain traditions with Islamic and European elements. From breathtaking structures to miniature art, you can see the testament of the stonework of Gujarat.


Jewelry is one of the unique and beautiful aspects that resemble Gujarat art and craft. It has shades, craftsmanship, and cultural influence, making it one of Gujarat's most-buy items. 

Unique Features and Diversity of Gujarat Handicrafts

All the above clothwork applies to sarees, bedspreads, cushion covers, etc. Also, Toran (doorway hanging), Chakla (embroidered furniture covers), and Bhitiya (wall hangings) are specialties of Gujarat.

Must Buy Art and Crafts in Gujarat

  • Bandhani saree
  • Patola silk
  • Metalwork of Gujarat
  • Wood carving of Gujarat
  • Zari embroidery
  • Ajrakh print
  • Rogan painting
  • Kutchi embroidery
  • Terracotta pottery of Gujarat
  • Lacquerware of Gujarat

Shopping Guide for Gujarat Handicraft 

Gujarat is a western gem of India deeply intertwined with culture and history. You can experience all these by exploring the Gujarat handicraft items in its vibrant markets. Regardless of the town in Gujarat, you will have options to purchase handicraft items. Ahmedabad, Kutch, Surat, and Gandhinagar are some of the best choices to buy handicraft items. Here is the list of markets where you can enjoy shopping for handicrafts in Gujarat and take back some of the cultures of Gujarat with you in the form of souvenirs.

  • Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium (Ahmedabad)
  • Shrujan Artisan Women's Cooperative Society (Bhuj)
  • Gajjar Gali (Surat)
  • Mangalya Bandhani Sarees (Ahmedabad)
  • Toran Art (Ahmedabad)
  • Abdul Gafur Khatri's Workshop (Nirona Village)
  • Lal Darwaja Market (Surat)

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FAQs about Arts and Craft in Gujarat

Q: Where to buy Bandhani saree in Gujarat?

Ans: Kutch, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, and Surat are top destinations to buy Bandhani Saree in Gujarat. Do not forget to inspect the Saree and your bargaining game to get the best deals on these sarees.

Q: Where can I learn about the Rogan painting workshop in Kutch?

Ans: Nirona Village, Ratan Khatri's Workshop, Shrujan Artisan Women's, and Rogan Art by Ashish Kansara are great spots to learn this art of Gujarat.

Q: What are the Best shops for handicrafts in Ahmedabad?

Ans: Rani No Hajiro Cloth Market, Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium, and Lal Darwaja Market are some of the best places in Ahmedabad for shopping handicraft items. If you want a personalized experience, visit the workshop to interact with artists and purchase the products directly.

Q: What is the History of Patola silk weaving?

Ans: The ancient origin of Patola Silk weaving is fascinating and deeply connected with the tapestry of Gujarat Art and craft. Patola likely comes from the Sanskrit word Pattakulla, which means silk fabric. Moreover, it is also said that it is mentioned in 4th-century Narasimha Purana. However, the exact origin is still under the light of debate. Some believe it was brought from South India to Gujarat in the 10th or 12th century.