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Best Time to Visit Gujarat

The state has variant climatic conditions throughout the year. Gujarat as a whole has hot and dry summers, and pleasant winters. You can plan a trip to Gujarat all the year long, but the best time visit Gujarat is during winter months, November to February.

Seasons Months Temperature
Summers Mar to June 29 °C - 41 °C
Monsoon July to Sep 27°C - 35°C
Winters Nov to Feb 12 °C - 29 °C

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FAQs about Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Q: Which is the best month to visit Gujarat?

Ans. Due to favorable climatic conditions, November to February are the best months to visit Gujarat. The pleasant weather allows tourists to enjoy a comfortable sightseeing tour in Gujarat.

Q: Which month is hot in Gujarat?

Ans. March to May are the summer months in Gujarat, with May being the hottest. The average maximum temperature in Gujarat in May is 41°C.

Q: Which city is coldest in Gujarat?

Ans. Naliya is the coldest place in Gujarat, with an average annual lowest temperature of 13°C.