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Top Activities in Gujarat

Gujarat the western most state of India is a place where the cozy sands of sea meets the dry sands of the desert and the forests houses various rare species etc. Nowadays, Gujarat is flooding with touristswho want to get involved in some adventures. It is a place, where you will never have enough time to sit idle as the state offers a wide array of adventure activities. Adventure enthusiasts will have a field day as outdoor activities in Gujarat includes Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Rock Climbing, Trekking and water activities among others. 

Best Things to do in Gujarat

Camel Safari

Gujarat offers ample opportunities for desert safaris, it could be Jeep safari or camel Safari. If you want to have real feel of sandscape than Camel Safari is best option. Circuit around the Dasada enroute pass the tribal village, Muslims, Rajputs, occupied & abandoned, watch wildlife see field of hardy millet and come across flocks of sheep’s and goats. You will ride up on the front seat with camel rider taking the pillion seat. This will provide you the better view and opportunity for photography. If you want camel drivers can often be persuaded to sing a few their old folk songs in the night sleep among the dunes away from civilization.
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Jeep Safari

A Jeep Safari in Gujarat means exploration of lesser known destinations and countryside. During the winter months warm sunshine and chilly breeze can be best experienced by open jeep safari in Gujarat’s villages. Jeep Safar is journey to discover small isolated villages, the tribal regions, the ruins of old forts, temple complex and lush green agriculture. The small villages are rich in ethnic rural cultural life, visit many others unique and explored villages on the way. The farmers and weavers add exciting color and ethnicity to arid spread of the desert sands whereas experience of visiting local village artisans at work creating leather, wooden handicraft articles is unique.
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Rock Climbing

Pawagadh, Junagadh, and Taranga are the perfect areas for mountaineers. The climb is difficult and challenging and travelers need to be both physically and mentally fit for this activity. Hiring a trained guide who can guide with directions is must. Carry enough drinking water, snacks to munch and sun tan lotion.
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Another outdoor activity in Gujarat that one can opt for is trekking. Trekking routes in Gujarat is- Saputara to Ahwa. Banni. Poshina- Abur trek is another famous trek for beginners as well seasoned trekkers. Dhrangadra is another area for rough and tough trekkers. Necessary equipments for trekking can be arranged locally or you can carry your own equipment. To take up this challenge you should be physically fit and mentally prepared.
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Water Activities

Simmer Beach, Ahmed Mandvi Beach, Nagoa Beach, Jalandhar Beach, Chorwad Beach, Chakratirth Beach and Goghala Beach are the well known beaches for all kinds of water sports. All major water sports like water skiing, surfing, para-sailing, sailing,jet skiing, speed boating and water motor scooters are available on these beaches. If you wish to experience all the water activities and you don’t know swimming then move in the water with a professional trainer and stay within the limits.
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