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Bamboo Mat Paintings

Kerala, also known as "God's own abode" is famous as the patron of various traditional art forms. Besides luring tourists to its scenic locales, the crafts of Kerala also have a huge fan following, be it amongst the domestic visitors or the overseas travelers. The various crafts of Kerala have a striking similarity among them.

The craftsmen involved in all these art forms have painstakingly perfected the art by using their deft and dedicated hands. Out of the various arts and crafts of Kerala, Bamboo Mat Paintings are counted as a major draw. In fact, Bamboo Mat Paintings form an important part of the major industries of this South Indian state.

Unlike other regions of India, the expertise of craftsmen of Kerala is totally indigenous. This unique signature style can be seen in the intricate weaving of the Bamboo Mat Paintings. To begin with, the craftsmen make mat of a necessary size which would act as the canvas. Then they create the designs by painting sketches. Generally, majority of these Bamboo Mat Paintings depict attractive and beautiful scenes, birds, animals, human as well as religious figures. The paintings are done in diverse dimensions and eye-catching colors. These mat paintings are given a finishing touch by way of beautiful bamboo reed frames both at the top and the bottom. The top of these attractively woven Bamboo Mat Paintings come with a tag for hanging so that you may add it to your home dècor to enhance your interiors without any fuss.

Apart from the rosewood, other kinds of mediums are also used in the carvings. One such medium is the coconut shell. All these handiworks are in demand and are admired all over the world for their beauty and craftsmanship. The best examples of the Rosewood Carvings of Kerala are the Kathakali Head, Elephant, Coconut Monkey, etc.

People are simply mesmerized by the beauty of these Bamboo Mat Paintings. It is indeed a mystery how the local craftsmen weave magic even with a simple thing like bamboo. Perhaps the craftspersons of Kerala have got this magical mastery in their genes.

So, make sure to pick a few Bamboo Mat Paintings on your next visit to this place. You will surely wonder at the beauty of these pieces of utility and decor.