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Bamboo Work

On your trip to Madhya Pradesh, besides visiting various tourist destinations, you can also shop for various handicraft items. Even if you don't belong to the category of a shopaholic, the beautiful Crafts of Madhya Pradesh would definitely mesmerize you. Amongst the different crafts of the state, a domain that stands apart is that of Bamboo Work.

Bamboo Work of Madhya Pradesh, India occupy an important place especially in the life of rural populace. Various utility articles such as fishing traps, agricultural implements, baskets and hunting tools are made of bamboo. In Madhya Pradesh, most of these items are usually made by a community called Basod or Basor. These items are usually put up for sale in the weekly markets.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, the major bamboo producing centers are the regions of Balaghat, Shahdol, Seoni and Mandla. When you come to this state, you may even come to see some houses with bamboo doors. In fact, bamboo thickets are a familiar sight in Madhya Pradesh. Local artisans and the tribals are skilled at putting it to good use. The local artisans have skillfully harmonized their age-old techniques and knowledge with innovative designs to meet the demands of modern market. Bamboo Products of Madhya Pradesh, India owes a lot, especially to the highly skilled Gond, Korku and Baiga tribal communities.

So, without any additional delay, pay a visit to Madhya Pradesh and see these Bamboo Works from close quarters. You would be surely thrilled to see these beautiful works of art.

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