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Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

Apart from green woods, rich wildlife, forts and monuments, Madhya Pradesh also specializes in different arts and crafts. The intricate handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh reveal its rich culture and heritage. The works of art include bamboo and cane coverings, carpet weaving, durries, folk paintings, iron crafts, jute works, metal crafts, ornaments, Papier Mache, stone carving, stuffed toys, terracotta, textile weaving, woodcraft and Zari embroidery.

During free time the locals of Gond, Baiga, Korku and Basar, keep themselves busy in crafting bamboo products like fishing traps, hunting tools and baskets. The folk paintings depict the cultural life of regions like Chhattisgarh, Bundelkhand, Malwa, Gondwa and Nimar. Also, the intricate works of Stone carvings are revealed through the temples and the monuments in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, Gwalior specializes in Jalli works (patterns), Jabalpur and Tikamgarh famous for statues of humans’ structures and animals. These arts and crafts are well-maintained by the locals. Tourists specially visit this place to collect antiques and artifacts.

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