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Culture of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, which is also referred to as MP, is called the Heart of India. Its strategic central location in the country has earned it this sobriquet. Before embarking on a tour to Madhya Pradesh, if you want to know the in and out of this state then the best way is to acquaint yourself with its culture. Madhya Pradesh culture shows deep influence of the tribal communities. In fact reflection of the glorious past is also very prominent as in the days of the yore eminent Maurya and Mughal empires had reined here.

Attractive monuments and architectures bear testimony to this. Truly speaking, the cultural traditions of Madhya Pradesh are the result of the amalgamation of tribal lifestyles and rich historical past. To understand the true culture of Madhya Pradesh you need to take into consideration its festivals, music & dance, lifestyle and cuisine. All these combined together bring a picture perfect of the Madhya Pradesh culture.

Fairs and festivals in Madhya Pradesh form an integral part of the culture. The popular celebrations of this region are Khajuraho Dance Festival, Lokrang Samaroh, Kumbh Mela Ujjain, Pachmarhi Utsav and Malwa Utsav. Besides, Kalidas Samaroh and Tansen Music Festival are also observed here at a large extent. It is during these festivities that you will come across the real spirit of the locals.

To state laconically, there are many things to see and enjoy in Madhya Pradesh. Specially after knowing about its culture you will be more excited to pay visit to this beautiful city.

Cuisine of Madhya Pradesh:

Food is a major part of the culture of any region. If you talk about Madhya Pradesh cuisine, the place has a wide range of dishes that you can relish. Some of the distinct ones are Nimar cuisine, Malwa cuisine, and Bagelkhand cuisine. Then you have Rass Kheer, Lapsi, Kalakand, Lavang Latika, Palak Puri, and Bhutte Ki Khees.

Madhya Pradesh's food is particularly influenced by Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisines. Previously, Jowar was the most common cereal in this area. Wheat, on the other hand, is currently Madhya Pradesh's primary meal. The people of Madhya Pradesh are lured by delectable dishes, making cuisine an important part of the state's culture. Their cuisine specializes in the use of wheat and milk with a variety of ingredients. Dishes that are difficult to find outside of Madhya Pradesh can be found here.

The place also has some amazing dishes to offer if you are a meat lover. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as 'Meat Lovers Paradise' with some great food offerings such as Sheek Kebab, Keema Pulav, chicken or mutton pilaf, etc. In terms of styles, one observable point is that the cuisine has major influences from both Muslim and Hindu styles of cooking.

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